How to raise your confidence level? These things can help you.

What help you to raise your confidence level? Develop your Self-confidence

build up confidence level

The person with a high confidence level can successfully raise in his life in comparison to others.

There is saying, “carrying baby never remain hungry.”

Because, if the baby becomes silent despite hunger, the busy mother won’t take much care about his child.

While others are dying due to starvation, a confident person finds himself catered with varieties of the recipe.

In the past, whenever, I went to someone’s wedding party, the sense of hesitation used to run in my blood while eating between many peoples.

Also, whenever I stood in front of more than five people, I never feel comfortable to open my mouth.

But, now something is changing within me. I don’t know how I no longer remain the same person as I used to be.

Therefore, I didn’t stop myself, to tell you what factors raise the confidence level of a person.

Is there any secret?

Is there any medicine or, a vaccine that increases the self-confidence?

Or, one must take rebirth to get such quality?

No, no, there isn’t medicine nor, such secret only one thing is there to boost self-confidence.

And what is it?
You will know, only if you will read this article with full focus and concentration.

I was wrong.

I hope you have seen how little kids can sing, dance or, act in front of many peoples either on TV or somewhere.

And you have listened to some people, how frankly they express their views between the masses.

They don’t care about other’s opinion, nor they get disturbed by other’s loud voices and claps.

Whereas, other despite being mature can’t even dare to open their mouth in a small group.

Why does it happen? Why some have such quality, but others wish to have?

And you will say it’s heredity; their quality and nature come from their parents.

You will say his father is a singer, therefore, is also a good singer.

If you think so, then I was also among you.

I used to think confident people are god blessed, and they got such outstanding quality from their birth.

Also, my opinion was that they stand in the stage from their childhood because they have got their parents’ nature.

But I was wrong.

This kind of concept didn’t let me raise my confidence level.

My imaginary thought always pulled me back from going ahead of others until I completed my higher secondary level.

Confidence level not only raises because of talent.

Later, I supposed, neither they’re God gifted people, nor, they took any medicine to boost their confidence level.

The reason for their self-confidence is that they dare to show what they’ve.

For example,

Do you have any friend who is good at something like speaking, dealing, acting whatever…

And do they had ever shown the courage to present their quality to others? Or, their voice used to change while they go in front of some peoples?

Okay! don’t judge your friends, judge yourself first.

Leave the rest! Have you ever shown the courage to stand in the classroom to ask a question to your teacher?

If you have never asked any questions till now due to the hesitation, then it doesn’t mean you don’t know anything.

You are a curious person that’s why you have a question in your mind.

But only your fault is that you don’t dare to express your question through your voice.

You study hard, you do a revision of every lesson at home it proves that you are genius; you are talented because you know many things.

But tell me does your talent ever made you stand in the classroom without hesitation?

Yes, my friend, many peoples never expressed themselves despite having talent,

One of my friends had a good voice; he used to sing songs while he used to be alone and with best-friends.

But one day he refused to sing at the birthday party of another friend.

Because the birthday boy had invited his relatives who were stranger to my singer friend.

Now here is the question;

Did he refused because he had an ugly voice?

No, he denied because he felt nervous to open his mouth in front of strangers.

Now tell me where is the relationship between self-confidence and talent?

Use this concept to increase the confidence level.

Don’t be hypothetical self-confidence is not a sense organ that grows from the mother’s womb.

Nor, the god flash miracle rays of confidence to anyone.

But the confidence level raise with a process, practice and willing.

Suppose you’re perfect in controlling the handle of the cycle.

And if you got a bike for a ride, you’ll take it easy.

Yes, the first time you’ll feel a bit nervousness if you’d never ridden it before.

But, at least you’ll show a dare to pick the handle of motorbike.

Firstly, because you’re good cyclist, so you’ll show spirit to give a try to motorcycle.

And secondly, the bicycle and motorbike have somehow similar controlling method. Therefore, you’ll think, “If I can control the handle of the bicycle, then why I can’t control bikes.”

But, if you’d not learnt the cycle, you wouldn’t dare to think to ride a bike; because it’s new for you.

So, you’ll wish to ride a motorbike only after learning the bicycle because the cycling skills bestow courage to learn bike riding.

And when you get tired of riding the bike for long periods, now you want to learn car driving.

So, what if you got a chance to ride a car, will you take that opportunity?

Yes, you’ll only if you’re a perfect bike rider. Otherwise, you’ll not dare, thinking that, “if I can’t ride a bike, how could I able to move this heavy engine.”

Now, use the same concept to raise your confidence level.

Because confidence improvement has the same concept and process, “If you don’t know to ride a bike, you feel nervous or, fear to touch the string of car.”

Likewise, you’ll get confidence to stand in front of people without showing unusual body movement only if you’d practised little, little things before.

What are little, little things to raise confidence level?

how to increase self-confidence

As I mentioned earlier, an example; “to get the courage to grab car steering, you should know perfectly to ride motorbike and cycle.” So, learning a cycle is a little thing; it’s your first step.

But what for self-confidence improvement?

Yes, the confidence level development journey begins from the courage.

Now, don’t take it wrong, I am not saying courage to fight a war but to speak your thought through your mouth.

And to get such courage you have to do these little, little things from the beginning, these ideas are childish but effective;

Start from your home!

I know you can speak with your mom frankly, but few can talk with their dad looking in his eyes.

So, start from your home to raise your confidence level.

While you talk to your father, speak to him like you’re talking to your mom or, best friend.

Oh! Is he strict? Good then, he is perfect for you to have a conversation.

Let’s waste some time in the store!

Do you go to the market for shopping?

What do you do there?

You buy necessary goods; pack them; make payment and return to the home.

Have you ever wasted your time with shopkeeper or salesman for the bargain?

Or, have talked about another topic with him like; From where do they order their goods? What’s there opening and closing time, whatever…

If you don’t make a short conversation with them before making payment, then you’re missing an opportunity to built self-confidence and good relation with him.

Select a strict teacher.

When you’re in school or, college, ask your teacher about upcoming events and notices, even though you already have information.

Just make a habit of speaking with your teacher to make your speech balance.

And for that conversation, select the most strict teacher, or go to the principal’s office.

Oh, come on he won’t beat you, you’re the best student, don’t you?

May I go, sir!

When you are in the classroom show a little courage to ask a question to your teacher.

If you feel hesitation, then just force yourself to ask some question that you practised last night.

But if you don’t have anything to ask, then stand up with no reason and beg permission to go out or, a bathroom.

But don’t do that regularly; otherwise, your teacher will bring some dose of medicine for you in the classroom.

Do a little drama!

I reckon you feel uncomfortable to speak with unknown peoples, right?

You feel uneasy because you never tried it.

Therefore, whenever you go to the market, make someone stop and ask him time, even though you have watched on your wrist.

Or, ask him the way for some destination, even though you have memorized the map of the market.

Try it, only have a short and sweet conversation with the stranger.

Use the SIM card!

Do you use the SIM card on your mobile?


Then at least thrice a week make a call to customer care and tell them your problem, even though you know the solution.

Talk with them for three to five minutes.

Don’t tell your technical problem to your best friend, tell it to the customer care, not to disturb them but to have a short conversation.

And see the magic in some weeks.

Enjoy and build your confidence level.

Whenever you attend a marriage party, do you dance there?

If you don’t, then dance, dance and dance.

But don’t say I don’t know to dance.

Because I am not telling you to be like Michael Jackson.

Just dance how you know it.


Always give your name on the list of school function like some contest, sports whatever.

Go alone and eat alone!

I know you only go to the hotel and restaurant with your best friends(gang).

So, one day goes there alone, order alone, eat.

And while paying bill ask some question to the receptionist about the general information of the hotel.

Make conversation not to buy that hotel or pass an exam, but to learn to talk.

Be funny!

Sometimes, go in front of the class; staring at your all friends for some seconds. And introduce yourself in a jocking tome.

Don’t be shy, at most they will laugh for some time, but they are your friends, aren’t they?

So, those are the little, little, but useful things to climb the ladder of self-confidence.

If you practice those things, then one day, no one can stop you, to pass the interview or, rock the stage, not even a god.

Don’t you know drops, drops make the ocean.

My self-confidence story:

I still remember my first presentation in the first semester.

Before that, I ignored three presentation days due to hesitation.

And my first presentation wasn’t my choice, but my teacher’s.

Because earlier day, he noticed us that, he’ll appraise the presentation of a student from roll number one to ten.

But, he changed his mind; and start to call the student in front of the class randomly.

After I heard that decision, I felt dead because;

Firstly, I’d never spoken in front of more than five peoples before; and secondly, I hadn’t prepared myself for presentation, because my roll number was 17.

I prayed to God, not for my turn today.

But thanks to my bad luck, I won a lucky draw with the third position.

So, I unwillingly stood up and moved my feet slowly putting my head down.

I took almost two minutes to reach in front of everyone.

And please don’t ask my body expression on that day;

Those new friends, smiling teacher;

My heart pumped blood like it was banishing my soul; I turned red and yellow.

My body temperature became colder and colder; my voice started to shake.

And when I try to introduce myself, I almost forget my name and address; And it took nearly 30 seconds to remember it.

But anyhow, I spoke a few words and ran immediately to my seat with a shy face.

After taking the seat back, I realized and blamed myself for that unsuccessful presentation.

And the result of that failure was that I missed some presentations earlier, and I never practised little, little things before, to raise my confidence level.

But because of that unsuccessful presentation, I realized that if I practice more and more, my weakness will go away.

Therefore, from that day, I never missed a single presentation; my fear left me gradually.

And in the seventh semester, I showed courage to host a college function; and I successfully did it in front of many students and friends.

Yes, I am not a great speaker, but due to the practice, I no longer feel hesitant to speak with anyone.

What are the other things that boost courage to raise confidence level?

I already mentioned the self-confidence start with the courage to open mouth.

Courage and self-confidence are related to each other.

Only, you can speak fluently with normal reaction, if you have courage.

Those little, little things help you to raise your confidence level, but to do so, you must have courage.

So, there is something that helps to increase your dare.


You won’t dare open your mouth if you don’t have words to speak.

Let’s suppose, you are confident person, and you’re asked question in party, seminar, class, interview or, wherever.

Will you answer that question?

Yes, you’ll if you have words to speak. Otherwise, your courage will leave you.

So, fill your mind with information and answer(read more), because words support courage that increases self-confidence.
A person with the answer to every question dares to speak without hesitation.


The perfect uniform gives an attractive personality.

And, a person with an attractive personality has much courage to speak.

Have you ever remained absent in school, or, college because you forget to wash your clothes?

Or, have you ever pulled back yourself going to wedding party due to lack of attractive dress?

If you have, then I hope you’ve understood.

Meaning is that beautiful uniform bestows courage to stand in front of others.

But, a beautiful uniform doesn’t mean expensive but suitable for body, neat and clean.


The person with good behaviour gets appreciation from everyone.

And the appreciating claps for good behaviour work as a motivation to speak more and more.

Therefore, the behaviour also plays a role to give a person the courage to speak with others.


Until you don’t wish, you don’t get.

Suppose you wished to buy a phone, so you either ask money to your parents, or you’ll search for the job.

And one day, you get it _ definitely.

Similarly, if you feel yourself a low confident person, then make a wish to raise it.

Because the wish always notifies and push us to grab what we want.

So, make an eager wish to develop self-confidence, you’ll get courage automatically to stand anywhere.


If your eyes don’t see you perfect person, then don’t rely on other’s eyes.

Whenever you look yourself in the mirror, don’t focus on your pimple but focus on shining hope and courage of your face; then see the magic.

No need to care what others think about you; teach your eyes to look yourself smart and unique.


Don’t lose your hope or, blame yourself, if someone laughed at you for the first time.

Because it’s the rule of nature, the first trial is always hard.

Self-confidence is the factor of a successful life.

And you have to go step by step(do little, little things) to increase your confidence level.

I think it’s the only formula because there is no medicine to build up confidence over a night.

And confidence level raise by speaking and talking; but it requires courage to speak.

And I hope you understood all the things to boost your courage to control the crowd.

Thank you for reading
Good luck!

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