Online Classes Pros and cons

pros and cons of online classes

The pandemic has badly affected different sectors including, education sector. Therefore, about 80 per cent of students are suffering physically, mentally and emotionally. It’s been almost a year every educational sector is closed to maintain social distance. However, there is a saying ‘necessity is the mother of invention’ so, every educational institution has discovered an alternate to give education to their student. Another option is nothing but E-learning. It means that the school and universities are providing online classes to their student. This page has included some pros and cons of online classes.

Are you among those students, who are attending classes using mobile or computer? If you are, then you have got a new experience of learning.
Do you think online classes are better than attending classrooms?
If you ask me the same question, then my answer would be ‘Something is better than nothing’. For the current scenario, online classes are the best option to continue student life.

Do you notice that E-learning are unpractical and boring?
If you judge something properly then definitely, you will see the fault. Similarly, online classes have their own pros and cons.

Pros of online classes

Social distancing
Friend X: Would you come to school if they will open during a pandemic.
Friend Y: No, I don’t want to admit at the hospital, online classes are good for me.

If you don’t wish to be a victim of COVID19, then online classes are like the smell in the gold. The best advantages of online education during a pandemic is that it is maintaining social distancing among students. As we know, the virus doesn’t take a second to transfer from one person to another person. Therefore, online classes have played a vital role to prevent the spread of the virus.

Easy and Comfortable
Do you attend online classes after walking miles or only by unplugging your phone from the charger? Most of you think that the struggling days are gone, and I can study without visiting a school.

Yes, online classes are easy and comfortable for students because of no need to travel a long way to school and sit on the wooden bench for hours. Online education has made an easy and comfortable life. You can study by sitting on a soft sofa with a lemon tea at home.

Upgrade new skills
Friend A: Do you know which app is used to connect with my class, and what is the procedure?
Friend B: Yes, I know very well. Check your inbox I have send all instruction.
Before the pandemic, most of the students were unaware of E-learning. But the online education trend has given every students and teacher chance to learn a new feature of the internet.

Save time and money
My university is located out of my town. Therefore, I had rented a shelter to live there. Living alone in the room is a hard life. However, because of online classes and lockdown, I return back to my home. And it saved my capital. My expenditure on the internet to attend online learning is far cheap than living in another house. Also, online classes have saved time. Instead of getting ready for school, I do another productive task. Therefore, online classes system has saved my money.

No disturbance and Noise
Student A: Did you noticed that teacher had given us an assignment for tomorrow?
Student B: I didn’t listen to anything due to the noisy class. He also taught an important lesson, but I can’t concentrate on his words.
Do you have the same problem now? I don’t think you have. Because you can mute other’s voice if you to concentrate on the teacher’s words. You can understand the topic in a better way.

Cons of Online Education

Lack of reach
A: I have an expensive mobile, but I am deprived of the network.
B: I am unlucky because I am unable to study online classes. I have neither a good mobile nor computer.
SO, without network, it is not possible to join online classes. Most of the students from the ruler area are deprived of online education, they are far from reach.

Not Practical
I feel upset when I find no one around me when I attend online classes. I can’t share my view or, interact with my teachers and friend. It’s been months I have not talked with anyone face to face, I feel shy to chat with people. I am becoming unsocial and introvert. The online classes aren’t making me active and practical.

No concentration and focus on the study
Yes, you can only listen to your teacher on online classes, but if you have no control over your mind, then you will lose focus. Because Mobile or computer don’t have only E-learning apps. You will do other activities instead to focus on study. For instance, your teacher is not controlling you like in classroom so, you will do like your choice. You will hang on other activities like browsing and games, leaving group on aside.

Require resources
Online classes are impossible without a mobile or computer. Not all the people are financially well, they have to work hard to earn little.Therefore, students from weak background give up their study instead to spend on computer or network. Also, Not all the place on this planet are well developed. So, the internet is far from imagination, there are some places with no electricity.

Waste of talent
We can’t learn new skills by sitting in front of the screen. School and university is the best platform to learn new things. We meet with many other students there, and we learn from them. It is also the best field to show our energy and talent. Also, school and university is the place where we could make our strong base and big friend network. In online classes, we can’t express our talents.

In a nutshell, there are no such demerits of online education during the pandemic. It is only an option to teach the students. E-learning system has connected the students during the lockdown. If you have not got a chance to attend online classes, then self-study is another option.

Despite of some pros and cons of online classes, it’s becoming best option during the lockdown.

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