Pandemic affected student life: How?

pandemic affected student life
I miss everything.

The pandemic has been spread all over the world, like a dark ink spread in a white cotton shirt. Therefore, a busy life is becoming a lazy life. The COVID19 has affected every individual of this green planet. The pandemic has affected student life physically and mentally. Like other workers, students are also disturbed.

The conversation is between two classmates A and B.

A: Hello! How are you?
B: I am fine. And how are you?
Student A: I am fine. Do you study online classes?
Student B: No, I don’t study. Do you?
A: Yes, I study online nowadays.
B: You are lucky.
A: Why you don’t study? They are forwarding the syllabus.
B: You know I live in the ruler area. Therefore, we don’t have WIFI there. Also, the data pack is too expensive that I don’t have enough money to spend. Unfortunately, my mobile is not suitable for video chat. I am not eligible for online classes. So, I don’t study.

A: Sorry to hear that. The exams are near. They are saying the exams will also be online. If you don’t join classes, you will fail.
B: Many other students are like me without good mobile and internet. The pandemic has affected student life. I will wait for corona free day.
A: We don’t know when a pandemic will run away from earth, till then come to my house. I have a good mobile so together we will study.
B: Thank you for your helping sound. But it is not the best time to call others at home because we don’t know who is infected.
A: Yes, you are right. I will share my notes.

Student B is an example among millions of student who have not resourced to study online.

This conversation is between a poor father and son.

Son: Daddy, I want a mobile.
Father: I have some money we will buy it tomorrow.
Son: Thank you, daddy.

After buying a mobile
Father: Here is mobile for you now study hard.
Son: But father It requires internet, therefore, I want some money to buy a data pack.
Father: I won’t have money daily to buy a data pack. I have no work now due to lockdown.

The father and son is a real-life example. Millions of families can’t afford mobile. Currently, all are jobless so, their income source is blocked. Therefore, most families do not have enough money to spend on the mobile and the internet.

The pandemic has affected the life of a student. Majority of the student is struggling to get an education. And most are living in the home without homework or assignment. And due to no work and study, student life is changing negatively.

This is how the pandemic has affected student life.

Lazy and unproductive mind

Nowadays, students have nothing to do. Before COVID19 they used to go to school or university. Therefore, they had homework or an assignment to do. They used to have some problem to solve. Also, they used to focus their mind on the study and their work. As a result, they always had an active and thinking mind. But now, the pandemic has affected student life.

Due to no job to do, the students are becoming lazy, and their mind is becoming unproductive. The COVID19 vacation has given unnecessary free time to the student that has affected their lives. The student has forgotten their school life and books. As a result, their mind has become empty. They have left studying and working habit. Instead, they are doing unproductive activities. If a similar situation long lasts for years, then a pillar of the nation (students) will become lazy burdens.

Changing habits
X: I don’t have anything to do so, I sleep till 10 a.m

Y: I sleep the whole day, so I can’t sleep till midnight.
C: I feel lazy to go for jogging.
D: To reduce tension, I have started smoking.
Covid19 pandemic has affected student life and habits. Nowadays, without school responsibility, all the student are locked in their home. Therefore, they invest their precious time sitting in front of their mobile, television or computer instead of focusing on miss classes and study. The habit of every student is going out of track. They are losing good habits and adopting bad habits.

Mr A: I have completed an MBA but, no company are asking for the employee. I am jobless, so I regret the investment I made on my education. I am in depression.
Mr B: After bachelor, I started a business, but My business is falling down it’s been months I don’t see a single customer. Due to pandemic my business failed.
The COVID19 pandemic has affected student life physically and mentally. Due to COVID19, the future is unpredictable, and there is no sign that it will end soon. Therefore, all the students are depressed about their future.

One of my friend who went abroad for further education told me, It’s been some month I arrived here, but I am not getting any part-time job here due to lockdown. I am unable to collect university fee so, I am depressed. The pandemic has affected student life. Graduates are worried about the job market. Bachelor is confused about whether to continue education or do something else. Another reason for depression is Loneness created by the pandemic.

Unpractical and unsocial life
Mr A: I don’t like online classes.
Mr B: Why don’t you like online classes. It’s easy, you can attend class staying at your home.
Mr A: Because it is making me unpractical and unsocial. I have some talents, but I can’t show them to others. If I were in school, I would have done a lot other than securing good marks. It’s been a year I joined masters, but I don’t even know the name of my classmates. The study is not all about scoring good marks. I am turning introvert from an extrovert.
Mr B: Yes, you are right. But what can we do till pandemic?

The pandemic has affected student life. Due to lockdown, the student is unable to express themselves in society. Even though some are attending online classes, but it is not a way to socialize and make a friend network. Gradually all the students are becoming unsocial. Also, some students have experienced that they have how to speak with others properly.

Health disturbance
The pandemic has badly affected student life and their health.
Mr A: Hey! before some months you were slim and fit, but now you are looking fatty.
Mr B: In the past, I used to spend two hours in the gym. But they are closed due to COVID19. Nowadays, I have become lazy. I don’t even go for a morning walk.
So, We are not following our routine. We don’t sleep or eat on time. We have adopted an animal life. Most of the people are becoming the victim of obesity due to unplanned eating and no physical work. Also, students are becoming the victim of depression because of their negative thought toward their future.

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