How to make a big friend circle: An example

big friend circle
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Do you prefer to live alone or, you want someone’s company to make life easier? Being with a friend makes every moment awesome, and loneness is boring. Let’s suppose, If you are fresher in any school or university then you feel shy to speak with the person in class or out class. So, you make a couple of friends until farewell, however, some people succeed in making a couple of friends on the first day, and they make a big friend circle in a short time.

Here is the question of how someone successfully makes a big friend circle in a short time?
Not everyone has the talent to make a big social network. If you have earned many peoples, then it means that you have support from everywhere. Therefore it is good to make many friends in life for support and entertainment but How?

In my school days, a student from another class celebrated his birthday. On that day he distributed chocolates in our class and also delivered a sweet speech with his introduction.
Here are the words he speaks in front of us:

Sorry for disturbance and thank you for accepting my small treat. I am not any celebrity or any famous person who celebrated his birthday by entering others class, but a simple student from ninth grade, who only wanted to be the friend of tenth class. I know, the treat is not very big, but I give you according to my capacity and wanted to make this day memorable with seniors, who are new for me. My intention is only to be your friend. Thank you for your time.

After listening to these words from him, we all smiled at him and wished a happy birthday with a blessing. Therefore, We all got a new friend on that day, and he earned forty-three friends. An anonymous person of another class whom we never know surprise us by his words and chocolate. He asked for friendship so, how could we ignore him. Later, he becomes a loving person in the whole school. So, his ability to be social help him to build up a big friend circle.

No one will come to you to ask your name. If you want more friends than you must show interest in friendship. And If you wanted to make a big friend circle, then daily communication is necessary. Now, daily communication is not a lecture or any long speech, it means a small greet with a smile. For instance, today if you talked with a person for hours, but the next day you don’t even greet him, then you will lose him.

The best way to make many friends is to look for some occasion. Suppose your office or university organize any function which the big chance to introduce you and your talent. But if you don’t participate, you will miss that good chance to make a big friend circle.
You can’t make a friend, if you can’t impress them and impression comes from speech and act.

Therefore, public speaking is the best way to introduce with many people at a single time. Don’t feel hesitation, to express your word in public. Also, Public speaking means the listener will get a single friend, but the speaker can many. It is the best idea to make a big friend circle.

When We joined university, we had a friend who had made many friends in a short period. He made many friends by interacting with them daily. While we used to sit in the class to attend a lecture, he used to visit other’s classroom, to shake hands with unknowns. This kind of habit gives him many friends. Also, he never missed participating in any function. Therefore speaking in front of others in the sweet tone is the best way to shine your name make big friend circle. Make a big friend circle and enjoy your days.

No one will ignore you, if you have respect in eyes, meaning in words and love in the heart.

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