How to be unique than others and look different

Unique than others
Charming personality

To look unique and different than others, you should have these qualities.

Have you ever tried to look different from other or you are already unique a person?

X: I love my English teacher.

Y: Why? He teaches nicely?

X: No, everyone teaches nicely, but he has other impressive qualities.

A: Last time I attended a seminar, I meet with an exciting person.

B: Why do you think he was exciting?

A: Because, when we all were sitting and watching the program, he stands in that silent hall, and raised some important questions. No one had such courage to ask a question, but he did. I too got chance to know the answer to those questions.

Do you also have your best teacher? Or Do you also have called someone impressive?

We have seen many peoples who are not good looking, but impressive. And, some people with a charming face, but boring.

Every people on this planet are born with different qualities. However, few of them recognize their quality and apply in real life to look different from others.

Some people have such magic with them, so we love to look at them again and again.

Even if they are ugly, our eyes see them beautiful. They are such magnetic person that we attract toward them. We love their words.

Who doesn’t want to present themselves unique? But, one or two-person in the group or crowd attract many eyes toward them.

Here is the question, How do they look different from others?

What kind of quality make them unique in the group or any big crowd?

If you judge them closely, then you will find these qualities within them. These are the qualities that make the person unique from others.

Unique people are curious and frank.

The person who speaks frankly about any topic, look unique than others.

Most of the people are introvert and, don’t prefer to make a sound in the group.

However, some have such quality they are ready to explain everything that they are asked. An open-minded person becomes the leader of the group and looks different than others.

Therefore, whenever you are in the class or seminar, raise your hands and ask a question on some topics.

Show your curiosity to know something more about that subject show your interest.

The person looks unique than others when he does such a task that others cannot. Therefore, Make courage to stand in a silent room and ask a relevant question without hesitation.

They are joking persons.

Do you love the person who jokes and entertain you?

Yes, I love such kind of person, and I think they are everyone’s favourite.

For instance, if you have a joking person in your friend group and if he absents in the classroom due to some reason, then the whole classroom looks empty.

Whenever we talk about our friend with people, we don’t forget to mention the name of that friend who joked a lot.

These people have a peculiar quality that they can make your day by making you laugh. They are unique because they can turn your gloomy face into a happy face.

If you want to look unique then, do that what cannot try to make people laugh.

They are kind

One day a person buy biscuit and feed them to the hungry street dogs.

Therefore, everyone on the market staring at the person surprisingly, and everyone praised him. Some people clicked his photo of feeding biscuit to those dogs.

On that day, he becomes a matter of conversation. I to tell about that event to my family member and other friends after I come back from the market.

Therefore, everyone attracts to that person because of his unique act.

One day I was travelling on the bus and, the bus stopped in the bus station meantime a beggar enter inside our bus and ask for some money for us.

But no one helped him. When he was ready to depart from that bus with a gloomy face, a man in the corner stopped him and gave him some help.

Everybody in the bus looked at that helpful man, and everyone one on the bus donated little amount to that beggar.

The person who first gave to the beggar is unique among all of us because of his kindness. Also, he motivated us to help. Don’t feel shy about your small help. Help how much you can.

They are understanding and polite.

Nobody loves that person who criticizes others.

Also, no one prefers to talk with those who cut you words. Not every person has the quality to control his anger.

Therefore, most of the people speak what came on their mouth while they lose temper.

Those people look unique from others who take everything easy and continue the conversation politely.

If you want to look different from others, then make up your speech because people may ignore our face, but they do not forget our behaviour.

What we speak makes us unique from others. Our speaking tone differentiates us from the rest of the people. And can easily attract other people toward them.

If you are the person who understands the feeling of others, give them the right suggestion, then you are different from others. Therefore, to be different from other try to be an understanding person and speak in a sweet voice with all.

They show their quality.

If you ask what other quality makes us unique. My answer will be your talent.

But, having talent is not enough if you don’t show it to others. How do people know you if you hide the component within you that make you famous? The talent within us is the component that differentiates us from others.

Call that boy he knows how to repair computers?

Learn from him he has good knowledge about public speaking.

Does someone mention your name like that? If not, then you have still hidden your talents.

The person in the group becomes a hero who dares to express himself. To look unique from others present your talent in front of others.

Long ago, I had a very shy classmate. He was good at a dance, but no one had seen his dance.

One day, some of us encouraged him to dance in the annual function and, he did. From that day he was known for a good dancer of the school.

Therefore, if you are expert at something, then show it to others. It is the best way to make us different from others.

They respect everyone

There is saying give respect and take respect.

Don’t stop to respect, either, junior or senior. I had a teacher who was far different than other teachers Because he used to respect everyone.

Most of the teachers punished us for our minor mistakes, but he never does that. He never punished any students neither he humiliated anyone.

Instead, he used to request everyone not to repeat a similar mistake politely. Therefore, he was the favourite for all students and all used to listen to him.

Few people have the quality to say good about you when you are absent.

However, most of the people will show themselves good but, when you turn your back, they start to insult you.

So, If you want to look unique respect the feeling of everyone.

It’s not difficult to be unique from other people. Just do that work, what other people feel hesitation to do.

Don’t copy others lifestyle instead, make your own. So, Be a dynamic person who can suit anywhere with anyone. Also, show your hidden qualities in front of others, and feel the joy of being unique.

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