Tips for success in life: How to be successful

tips for success in life
Happiness of success

Tips for success in life. While I was sitting in my shop, an old customer, about 67 years old came to buy some goods. Before departing, he asked about my study and, he starts to explain his life story.

He said, “I am becoming older and older. In my teenage, I had many wishes and wants. However, still, I am running to fulfil them.” Again he continued, “I don’t know where did I mistake. Whether my luck is bad or, I didn’t deserve such success.”

After listening to his story, I believed, he had done, a lot of mistakes in his life. Success does not depend on luck. It’s not a miracle that comes anytime. It depends on ourselves.

Again the old man explained the reasons behind his failure. I listened to him for an hour and understood some tips of success in life.

Tips for success in life

Goal with Reason
The old man told me his part of his memory. He explained, “ he started a business., he had no capital to invest, no experience in that business, neither any supportive friends. He started a business, taking a loan from the bank in the exchange of his land as collateral. But he failed in his business due to lack of enough knowledge about that business“.

I know something from his story. You can’t fly in the sky without a pair of wings. Therefore, forget the dream to fly. Make a goal according to your talent, ability and strength.

How could you become a singer if you don’t have a good voice?
How could we become a model if our body structure doesn’t fit for that?
Most of the time, we copy the goal of others. Don’t do that. We all are born with a different purpose. Understand your ability and talent and make a goal. Always ask yourself why I make this goal? Make a goal with reason, you will succeed in life. Tips for success in life.

Good Company
If you are connected with good people in life, then think that you have got a golden stair to reach to your goal. One of the drunkards from my village tells tell a story of his failure.

He explained, ” he joined the wrong company. He starts to make a habit of drinking and smoking. He never took life seriously, he used to think that life is only for fun and enjoyment. His friend always supported him for immoral deeds but, whenever he thought, to do something good, then they ignored me.

His parents used to send him school but, he never reached there. He used to go to a hiding place and take weeds with my friends. As a result, it disturbed his study and, left school.”
Most of the people cannot reach their goal because of their unbalanced marital status. If your spouse is quarrelsome or, your interest and want doesn’t meet with him\her then, it’s hard to reach to your destination. Therefore, if you desire to be successful, then always select a good friend or spouse.

Try to surround yourself with good people who encourage you and give you a beneficial idea. Therefore, choosing a suitable partner is another tips for success in life.

Good Relationship
Do you have a bad temper? Do you become angry? Early in the morning, you get ready for your office with a happy mood. And there you discussed with your co-workers.

If you do so, no one is going to like you nor, anyone will support to you. This kind of trend never let us go ahead in life. Most of the people quit their career because they do not get enough support from their partner because of their evil relation with them.

If you are master in any work but you are arrogant type person your master degree is valueless. A leader in my locality won election last year not because he is a good leader or, he throw money to people. But, he had maintained good relation with all individual of the village. Maintaining a good relationship with everyone is an excellent tip for fast progress in life. It is the best tip for success in life.

The goal with hard work
How won’t reach to the market, until you don’t take your vehicle out?

How will you get distinction marks in the exams, if you don’t study hard?

We all have a goal in our mind. Everyone wants to do something great. However, most of the people always remain far from their destination due to a lack of hard work. Making a big goal is not enough.

If you really want to achieve what you think then, work for it. It requires courage, hope and patient to grab it. Always make a goal, only after analysing your ability.

One of my friends had a sweet voice. He used to say, I will become a great singer one day. So, I also used to encourage him. But, still, he has not made any progress in that field because he never takes his goal seriously. He never practised improving his voice. Neither he participated in any singing competition. He never expressed his talent in that place, where it is necessary. He only made a goal, but he never worked for it.

Remember, only make a goal in your life, if you are ready to work hard for it. Otherwise, it is an absurdity. Success is not a lottery. The tips for success in life is to make a goal and work for it.

Good learner
Another tips for success in life is to be a good learner. Will you repeat the same mistakes in life? I don’t think you will because you have learned from them. Mistakes give knowledge, it doesn’t mean that we should make a mistake for time to time. To achieve a goal in life, take suggestion from your good friend.

Learn from others mistakes because our life is not unlimited to waste it by making mistakes. Learn from others before starting any great work to reduce risk of failure. Yes, before doing any work, ask advice from others. We learn fast if we have a good coach, it is risky to do alone. You can avoid the mistakes in another way, by learning from others.

Life is beautiful blessing of god

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