The negative effect of a pandemic on personal life.

Negative effect of pandemic
Avoid Them

The shadow of the pandemic has affected our life. Therefore, our habits are not the same as it used to be before, December 2019. It looks, the modern age has changed into the stone age. This article has written about the negative effect of the pandemic on our personal life, And how to avoid them.

  • Laziness? Perish it.
    Nowadays, most of the people are becoming lazy and unenergetic due to lack of enough run and catch in life. Due to the lockdown, we are hidden, inside our shelter. Schools, universities, public places and work stations are closed. Currently, we are at a comfort place (Home) without any work responsibility. Right now, our parents are doing everything for us. So, we have nothing to do except, eating and sleeping. And nowhere to go except the bathroom. So, our laziness is increasing. However, it is not wise to live like an animal. Lazy body hampers our growth. There is a lockdown that doesn’t mean, we should stop our personal growth. We should move our body to remove laziness. Therefore, if we don’t have anything to do then create some physical task to do or, help your mother in the kitchen. Remember that there is no hospital to cure laziness. Only we are our doctor.
  • Freezing mind? Use it.
    Another negative effect of the pandemic is directly attacking our mind. It is making our mind empty. And, only the devil choose to live in a depleted mind. One interesting fact about our brain is that the more we use it, the more it becomes sharper. But currently, the youths have nothing to do, so they hang on their mobile for a whole day forgetting all the things. This habit is freezing their mind. Their thinking capacity is decreasing day by day due to the lack of task and practice. Somewhat hanging on mobile can be refreshing and enjoyable But, if enough hit the point then, the negative side effect is possible. Therefore, try to use your mind in other activities too. And try to train the mind in good things during the lockdown. Solve puzzles, maths, IQ to make the mind active. It helps to increase thinking capacity out of the box. Don’t let this pandemic freeze your mind. Train it and make it busy all the time. Feel the joy of lockdown.
  • Obesity? Reduce it.
    Due to lockdown, we eat on time but, we don’t work on time. Already fatal disease is walking out of the home. So, another negative effect of a pandemic on personal life is that most of the people are becoming the victim of obesity. Therefore, don’t try to create another virus in your house by unbalancing your eating habit. Improve your dieting and do regular exercise. Obesity can cause heart diseases, diabetes, disbalance in blood pressure. So, try to be fit and fine, to see the environment after the pandemic. Also, quit smoking and drinking habit because it saves our health and wealth, which are equally crucial to save during crisis.
  • No routine? Make it.
    Before pandemic, we had a particular routine to follow. Students used to go to school. They had homework or an assignment to do. Workers had to go to work in the time. But now, they are like a horse without a bridle. We are living aimlessly like animals. We have no care about time. Even we don’t sleep on time neither we wake up in time. This pandemic has disbalance our life and routine. However, every problem challenges us. So, don’t let yourself change negatively. Make your routine for the day. Spend your day with energy like before pandemic. Routine is the track that leads us to the destination. Therefore, make the path and follow it. Prove yourself that you were born for an ambition.
  • Unsocial? Remember it.
    This current pandemic is making us unsocial. It’s been almost a year we are away from society and group. We can’t get together and celebrate the occasion together. We are living in isolation Since December 2019. Therefore, the habit of being social is going out of our mind. It is also a negative effect of the pandemic on our personal life. Remember, we are social birds. Therefore, don’t let society go far from you. There is lockdown even though you can connect them using a different communication medium. Try to make a strong relation with your friends, coworkers and relatives. So that no one can forget each how worse situation would be.
  • Depression? Do this.
    The depressed mind is also the negative effect of the pandemic. The pandemic has brought a depressing environment. Nowadays, all are depressed because of this lockdown. We all the people world are living for ambition and goal. However, the lockdown is not letting us work. Yes, overthinking and failure are the reason for depression. Pandemic has taken us to the hand of depression and, depression is taking us to the negativity. But, one thing we must understand that failure is not end. Overthinking never gives us positive results it only kills us from inside. During this lockdown motivate your mind to do productive work. Future is near. So, don’t waste your precious time being depressed. Make a schedule and, follow it, connect with your friends and family. And share your problem with them. Our problems decrease when we share them with our loved one. Pandemic: Don’t worry! all are depressed

Don’t afraid of the shadow. Be hopeful, one day, a ray of light will defeat the shadow. Every problem tries to change us negatively, but don’t let yourself change. Try to be like a deep-rooted tree, which can stand in the disastrous Strome. Never give up when the time tries to take you down. Health is our intangible asset. Therefore, upgrade it and don’t ruin it whatever the situation will be. Try to live a healthy life. Don’t let any problem affect you negatively.
Take care

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