Prevention Is Better Than Cure: Be alert

Prevention from pandemic

It is written everywhere prevention is better than cure. The current pandemic, COVID19 has been affected millions of people from all over the world. It has taken the lives of thousands of people. Still, there is no sign of ending. At the beginning of the virus outbreak, all people get frightened. And also, the government took significant action, for prevention of this novel virus by imposing lockdown and, some sanction. As time passed the virus spread all over the globe. It has become much more dangerous. However, everyone forgets about the pandemic. And, all the people are trying to live life like the past. Nowadays, people don’t take much care about the situation.

Human beings are social birds. Therefore, they cannot isolate themselves from society for a longer time. As a result, all are breaking the rule of lockdown slowly. Government is also lifting lockdown due to the financial crisis. Despite this pandemic, people are going out of the house without any fear. As a result, we can see crowded malls, streets, supermarket and government offices. It depends on our perception, breaking lockdown rule and, going out is ethical or not. All the people are not prosperous. Some have to do work for a whole day, to earn dinner for the night. It is because they may survive from this disease staying inside the house. But, they won’t survive, from poverty and starvation.

The human being is trying to make their life easy after a long vacation. However, they should not forget still the devil is everywhere. We all know prevention is better than cure. We can’t stop ourself being social. Therefore, we should take safety and effective measure to safe ourself. While you are outside in work or society, don’t forget life is precious. Here is some way to avoid this the sickness.

Prevention is better than cure

  • Maintain a social distance
    Remember, we can greet our people and friends standing a bit far from them. Don’t shake hands and hug each other. We don’t know who is infected. Don’t participate in a crowded area or, party. Prevention is better than cure.
  • Use a mask
    Mask has become part of our life. Whenever you are going outside for any urgent work, don’t miss your mask at your home. Make a habit of using it in working hours. Use a face mask while you are going to a busy area.
  • Sanitize yourself
    You can go to any public place. Don’t forget to sanitize yourself. Wet your hands by alcoholic sanitizer and rub them properly after returning from public places. We don’t notice what we touched in the market area. Therefore, sanitizer kills the virus that transported on our hand.
  • Make a neat and clean environment:
    It cost zero cents to make your own surrounding clean. Coronaviruses can survive in the plastic for some period. Therefore, don’t throw waste plastic in the home surrounding. Don’t let other to throw. Try to make the living area neat and clean.
  • Eat healthy food
    Viruses attack seriously to those, whose immunity power is weak. Strong immunity is our most important weapon for the prevention of coronavirus. Prevention is better than cure. For maintaining immunity power, we have to eat healthy food. Eat your diet in time. Wash vegetables before cooking. Moreover, don’t eat packed food. Don’t eat in public places as much as possible.
  • Drink liquid products
    If you don’t have a habit of drinking a hot beverage, then make it. Doctors also suggest that taking liquid item can help to remove the virus, stuck in the throat. So, Drinking enough water is good for our body.

We get human life for once. Live life wisely. Ahead in the life path, there is a lot of things to do and see. Instead, becoming sick and admitted in the hospital why not to take care of before. Everyone knows prevention is better than cure. Apply it.

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