Ranking System Rocket League Sideswipe | How to Push Rank

Ranking System Rocket League Sideswipe | How to Push Rank

In Rocket League Sideswipe game, the ranking system is based on skill and uses Matchmaking Rating (MMR) to determine your rank. At first, you will be unranked. To progress from Unranked to first competitive rank, players must reach Level 10 in the game and play a series of placement matches. Upon reaching Level 10, players matches against others with varying skill levels, and their performance in these matches determines their starting rank. Rocket League Sideswipe features a total of seven tiers, each having five sub-divisions.

Rocket League Sideswipe All Ranks List

Rank NamesTier(Division) List
Bronze1. Bronze I
2. Bronze II
3. Bronze III
4. Bronze IV
5. Bronze V
Silver1. Silver I
2. Silver II
3. Silver III
4. Silver IV
5. Silver V
Gold1. Gold I
2. Gold II
3. Gold III
4. Gold IV
5. Gold V
Diamond1. Diamond I
2. Diamond II
3. Diamond III
4. Diamond IV
5. Diamond V
Champion1. Champion I
2. Champion II
3. Champion III
4. Champion IV
5. Champion V
Grand Champion1. Grand Champion I
2. Grand Champion II
3. Grand Champion III
4. Grand Champion IV
5. Grand Champion V

Rank reset

You will see the rank reset at the start of each season in Rocket League Sideswipe. It means you will see yourself to the lowest division of the rank you ended the previous season on. For instance, if you finished some season at Gold III, you will start next season at Gold I.

When the new season begins, players receive different rewards based on their highest rank achieved in the previous season. The only condition is that you must have won at least one match at your peak rank. If you reach Diamond but don’t win any games at that rank, you will only receive the gold rewards. So, that is how the ranks and ranking system works in the Rocket League Sideswipe.

How to push rank?

Grand Champion is the highest rank in the Rocket League Sideswipe, and here are some points you must consider to reach there: 

  1. Watch and be aware of the situation, both your opponent and yourself in the game.
  2. Learn how to perform ground pinches to score more easily.
  3. Be aggressive, and don’t let your opponent have space with the ball.
  4. Be aware of your team’s situation, especially when your teammate is recovering.
  5. Use the backboard for defense and sit on it to block or redirect the ball.
  6. Pass the ball to your teammate in a breakaway position for an easy goal.
  7. Save your flip for crucial moments or to beat your opponent to the ball.
  8. Use the defensive trick of jumping over the ball and landing on your backboard.
  9. Coordinate with your teammates, and trust each other to cover different areas of the field, like one player on the ceiling and the other covering the ground.
  10. Manage your boost by gaining it when your wheels touch any surface.
  11. Feathering your boost can be useful for hovering and blocking areas.
  12. Avoid jumping unless you play with someone you know to avoid double commits.
  13. Don’t crowd your teammate during plays, find a balance between support and defence.
  14. In solo queue, be supportive and let your teammates have their turn with the ball.
  15. Set up plays for your teammates, and they might do the same for you, creating a positive and productive team dynamic.