Dawnlands Guya Boss | How to Defeat?

Dawnlands Guya Boss | How to Defeat?

Guya is the Second boss you must defeat to unlock the new region named The Plain in Dawnlands World. You will face him as you follow the main world quest in the game. He is a difficult-to-kill boss who does different types of attacks, and he is annoying, but if you know how to tackle his attacks and their attack pattern, you can easily defeat him. This article will guide you all about him.

Guya Location

You will find Guya in the Rainforest at the base of the sealing, which you can see in the following picture:

Guya Location Dawnlands

How to Summon Guya?

To summon this boss, you need three Crimson Eyes, which you will obtain from the domains in the Rain Forest Region. You need 3 Earthly Pyroxene and 1 Copper Ingot to craft a Crimson Eye. After you get 3 Crimson Eyes, you need to go to the base of sealing, where you can use it to summon Guya. 

How to Defeat Guya in Dawnlands?

Guya is a hard boss as he can constantly summon different types of smaller enemies, such as Mushrooms and exploding Mushrooms. He does raged attack and close combat, so you must be careful while fighting him. Furthermore, he deals magic damage to the character, which can be easily dodged by sprinting away from its range. He also summons a thorn in a circle, which will trap your character if you can not escape it.

If you get stuck in the circle, you can use a torch to burn the thorns and get out. To beat Guya, you want to use a two-handed weapon, and the best one is the Bronze Great Hammer, as you can use it to deal with an AoE attack to defeat the enemy summoned by him. It is recommended to use ranged weapons as it will be easier to dodge its attack when you are far away from him. 

The best weapon to fight with Guya is a Bow, as it is easy to use, and you can cancel the bow attack and sprint away from his attacks. But If you don’t have a Stronger Bow and want to use a melee weapon, Sword or Hammer. With these weapons, you should also use Shield to deflect the damage, as it is harder to dodge his attack while fighting him in close combat. 

Here are the best Backup items you must carry with you to defeat Guya effortlessly:

  1. Carry Enough arrows with you if you are going to fight him with a bow. 
  2. You want to have all equipment equipped so your character doesn’t take a lot of damage. 
  3. You want to have Ranger’s Set so it can absorb damage dealt by Guya.
  4. Take a torch to burn the thorns. 
  5. You want to have some Food, such as sausage for healing. 
  6. Take HP Potions
  7. You want to have a DEF potion because when the character takes a hit from Guya, it doesn’t deal much damage to you. 
  8. Also take shield if you will attack him using your sword or other one-handed tools. 


When you Kill Guya for the first time in Dawnlands, you will unlock these recipes/resources:

  1. Loom
  2. Copper Hoe
  3. Bronze Sword
  4. Bronze Spear 
  5. Bronze Hammer 
  6. Bronze Great-Hammer 
  7. Bronze Axe 
  8. Bronze Vest 
  9. Bronze Pant 
  10. Bronze Belt 
  11. Bronze Bracers 
  12. Fur Cloak 
  13. Vengeance Pickaxe 

In addition, Guya will drop these items:

  1. Guya’s Grudge
  2. Bone of Cold Resentment
  3. Branch of Chill Resent

You can use Guya’s Grudge to get the sanctify, which gives 90 sanctified Dust. The Bone of Cold Resentment and Branch of Chill Resent are used to increase the attribute level of some skills.