Puzzle Breakers Tips and Tricks

Puzzle Breakers Tips and Tricks

Puzzle Breakers is an RPG game packed with adventure, best visual effects and exciting gameplay. The game offers multiple heroes that you can use to defeat the powerful Dark Lords that want to rule over the universe. This article will guide you with the best tips and tricks to play Puzzle Breakers, and here they are:

Make Your Heroes Powerful

Artifacts are Special items in Puzzle Breaker that multiply the power of your heroes and have particular combat effects. Heroes that have attained level 140 can equip artifacts. Open the Hero screen, select the hero you want, then tap the glass symbol on the right side of the screen to use an artifact.

The game offers 5 different artifacts, and they are:

  1. Green, 
  2. Blue, 
  3. Purple, 
  4. Red,
  5. Orange. 

You can raise the Artifact level in Puzzle Breaker by using more artifacts or a unique currency called Rainbow Stones. So, to increase an artifact’s level, tap the Upgrade button after adding Artifacts or Rainbow Stones to the main upgrade bar.

Raid other kingdoms

You can raid the enemy castles in the Raid mode to gain more resources and slow down their progress. When you are ready to fight, tap the Raids icon on the left side of the game screen. You earn more Trophies for every successful raid. 

Trophies are unique achievements given to a player after a successful castle attack, but if you lose, your opponent will take some trophies. When you kill many enemy Heroes and won some trophies, you can access the extra prizes in the upper section of the Raid screen. These prizes can also be keys that you can use to unlock raid chests in Puzzle Breaker. When you tap the chest icon, you can see the potential rewards and your chances of receiving these rewards.

Utilize the in-game benefits of being a VIP player.

VIP is a unique feature that gives users access to extra in-game benefits. Every time you spend money in Puzzle Breakers, their VIP Points rise. By pressing the gem icon in the upper right corner of your screen, you can see your current VIP Level. 

Some of the benefits of the VIP level include

  1. Hero Shards
  2. Hero equipment
  3. Additional resources
  4. Increased number of Hero slots

Use This Strategy To Defeat Troll Champion

Troll Champions are the advanced version of the Troll, and they are also called just Champion in Puzzle Breaker. They gradually regain health, much like the Troll and the Troll Chieftain.

Troll Champions can throw axes just like the Shadow Archers do. These axes can pierce armor, making them less effective. Unlike Shadow Archers, these troll champions can heal quickly, which makes them hard to defeat. 

So, to defeat a troll champion, you must concentrate on your defenses. Even if they can heal, they lose health faster.

Win Valuable Talent Points

To enhance skills of your heroes, you will need Talent Points, which you can get by attacking the stunned giant during the battle.

You can get more valuable Talent Points by attacking giants with more stars. During the battle, target the weak points of the giant to give it more damage. 

Know Your Ranks

Puzzle Breakers follows the star ranking system associated with the hero’s level. The table below shows the maximum level for the star rank of the hero:

Max LevelStar Rank ★

To rank up in Puzzle Breaker, you should increase your hero’s level, which requires Food, Gold and Power Stones. It requires 920 power stones, 1.14 mil food and 1.74 mil gold to level up any hero from level 1 to 80(Max).

In conclusion, all those are the Useful tips and tricks you must remember to learn Puzzle Breakers before your opponent, and I hope this guide helped you a lot.