Whiteout Survival FAQs | Important Questions & Answers

Whiteout Survival FAQ | Important Questions & Answers

You construct bases, raise armies, and engage in combat with other players. In order to become the strongest player in the game, you must gather resources, upgrade your structures, and develop your soldiers. This article will compile a list of some of the most frequently asked questions(FAQs) related to Whiteout Survival and will answer them.

How to get more steel in Whiteout Survival?

Exploration Battle and idle income are the primary sources of steel. In Exploration Battle, the idle income increases with the level gained. You can purchase this Resource Pack from the store if you feel that it is moving too slowly.

How to get more survivors

You must create additional beds and enhance shelters in order to house more Survivors.

How to use essence stones in Whiteout Survival?

After level 20, you can use essence stones to legendary hero gear. You can see a “Mastery Forging” button when the furnace reaches level 20. To discover the accessible Essence Stones, tap it.

How to move states?

Go to the wilderness in the State of Survival option, click the globe symbol in the lower right corner, and then choose the state you want to join. Click on Join State after you select a place inside the state. The game gradually adds new states to accommodate more players.

How to increase power?

You should train and strengthen your troops, conduct technological research, improve Heroes, enhance Gears, etc to grow your power in Whiteout Survival.

How to get Jeronimo?

You can only buy Jeronimo by purchasing it in the in-game store.

What should I do if I get attacked?

There are two ways to protect oneself while your enemy attacks you:

  1. Turn on the shield of protection. You cannot defend your soldiers while they march.
  2. If you’ve formed an alliance, ask the members for reinforcement.

A Protection Shield will be disabled and prevented from activating again for 30 minutes if soldiers are sent from underneath one.

How many types of Shields are there, and how do I use them?

The game has two different forms of protection shields, which last for two and eight hours. There are several stores where you can buy protection shields. Both the Bonus label in your Backpack and the arrow symbol below your profile picture allow you to access them.

The only way to buy a Protection Shield (24h) is with gems.

If you assault or spy on other players after activating a Protection Shield, the shield will be deactivated, and you won’t be able to activate another one for 30 minutes.

How do I obtain rewards in Facility Battle?

Whiteout Survival Facility Battle rewards go into one of three sorts:

  1. Occupation Reward: given once the mercenaries are vanquished and a Facility is occupied.
  2. Control Reward: given to every participant from the coalition that ultimately controls the Facility.
  3. Battle Reward: The alliance that ultimately controls the Facility will get a unique Control Reward, which will subsequently be distributed to members above R4.

How to disband/dismiss my Troops?

You can access the option by tapping Avatar-Troops and then selecting the Troop you want to dismiss. You can not drop the highest and second-highest tiers of troops.

How to replace the alliance leader?

If the Alliance leader is absent for 3 days, R4 members can request to be replaced. If the Alliance Leader is absent for 5 days, all members can request to be replaced. Replacing an Alliance Leader costs 200 gems.

When does Beast Hunting start?

Alliance members above R4 can start Beast Hunting.

So, those are some significant FAQs from Whiteout Survival. Which among these did you find the most helpful?