Watcher of Realms Best Heroes | Top 5 List

Watcher of Realms Best Heroes | Top 5 List

Watcher of Realms is a fantasy RPG mobile game made by Moonton. The game is playable in the magical continent of Tya. Players become commanders and must gather a team of heroes to fight against evil. The game offers various modes like story, arena, and guild wars. There are many heroes to collect, where each hero has unique abilities. Players can customize and develop their heroes to suit their own style of play. Here are Top 5 Best Heroes in Watcher of Realms:

1. Ajax

Ajax is a best mage hero that deals magic damage from distance in Watcher of Realms. He is a Powerful knight who has got the ability to summon thunder to attack. Ajax can control his tremendous black dragon to breathe fire on his enemies. His talent allows him to burn enemies using his regular attacks, which is excellent for dealing damage to multiple enemies simultanously and controlling crowds. Despite not being a lord hero, his extraordinary area-of-effect skills make him an ideal addition to any team. Ajax belongs to the Legendary rarity affiliated with The Unnamable faction.

2. Regulus

Regulus is a legendary hero who deal damage to multiple enemies at once with his Meteor Shower ability. Additionally, he can use Summon a Meteor to stun and damage a single target. He’s versatile and fits well in various team setups, excelling in both offense and defense. However, he may become vulnerable if not built properly and can be affected by crowd control. If you want to use this hero properly, focus on boosting his attack and magic power, use his area of effect skills, and pair him with heroes who can protect him from crowd control.

3. Laya

Laya is a legendary hero from The Watchguard faction and a Powerful Healer who deals Magic damage from a distance. Her Special ability lets her boost the healing she provides with every 3 basic attacks, making her exceptionally skilled at restoring the health of her allies. Furthermore, her lord skill enhances Basic attributes, damage, and healing abilities of all faction allies, making her incredibly valuable in any battle.

The more allies Laya has on her team, the more frequently this effect activates, making her a significant addition to any group of heroes in Watcher of Realms.

4. Twinfiend

Twinfiend is a mage from The Infernal Blast faction. This hero is classified as a Mage who inflicts Magic damage from a distance. Twinfiend is an incredibly strong lord in Watcher of Realms. He can deal massive damage to multiple targets with his Meteoric Strike, making him extremely valuable in any battle. His talent allows him to enter an Infernal Rage state while attacking, which burns his enemies. Moreover, when he uses Meteoric Strike, all faction allies receive buffs that increase their penetration, critical rate, and critical damage. It makes Twinfiend an outstanding hero for dealing damage and crowd control in Watcher of Realms.

5. Valkyra

Valkyra watcher of realms

Valkyra is a strong fighter in Watcher of Realms; this hero wields the Godblade of Northfrost, a powerful weapon that can freeze enemies. She is good at dealing damage and controlling enemies with freezing attacks and crowd control abilities. However, she requires proper build to avoid being defeated easily, she lacks healing abilities, and can be countered by high magic resistance enemies. To use Valkyra effectively, focus on increasing her damage and survivability, use crowd control wisely, and freeze enemies before using her devastating ultimate.