Dawnlands Kenda | How to Defeat this Boss?

Dawnlands Kenda | How to Defeat this Boss?

Kenda is the first boss in Dawnlands, and if you defeat him, you will unlock a new region. You will face him as you follow the main world quest in the game. He is abit easy boss and can be easily defeated if you know how to fight with him. This article will guide you.

Kenda Location

You will find Kenda boss at the Grassland at the base of the sealing; here is the screenshot of his spawn location:

Kenda location dawnlands

How to Summon the Boss?

To summon Kenda, you need two Withered Masks. You can get the Withered Mask from the Goblin Base. After you kill the Kenda, you can make the Withered Mask. The recipes required to craft a Withered Mask are:- 3 Earthly Pyroxene and 3 Resin. After you obtain 2 Withered masks, you need to go to the base of sealing, where you can use it to summon Kenda. 

Tactics to Defeat Kenda Boss in Dawnlands

As I previously mentioned, Kenda is an easy boss to defeat if you know the right way to fight with him. When you summon him, he will do a swing attack, which will deal a lot of damage, and it is hard to dodge his swing attack as it has a massive radius. To beat him, you don’t want to use close combat. You want to use ranged weapons, which can help to escape his attack. 

The best weapon against Kenda is a Bow and Spear, but I recommend using a Spear as it deals more damage to him compared to a Bow. If you cannot maintain distance from him, you can use a Bow and ride a horse, as it will be easier to dodge his attacks and can be easy to draw if your HP is low. 

He does a Charged attack. When he does a charged attack, you want to go to a Hard structure, such as the Big Stone at the base of summoning. When Kenda Charges into the Stone, he will be stunned and vulnerable, which is the best moment to beat him, as you will deal a lot of damage to him this time. 

Best Backup items for fighting with Kenda

  1. You want to have a lot of arrows with you if you are going to fight him with a bow. 
  2. You want to have all equipment equipped so your character doesn’t take a lot of damage. 
  3. Use a Crude Dress Set so it can absorb damage dealt by Kenda.
  4. You want to have some Foods such as roasted meat so you can use it to heal. 
  5. Take HP Potions. 
  6. You want to have a DEF potion so that when the character takes a hit from Kenda, it will increase your survival time while beating him. 
  7. Finally, carry a shield if you are going to attack him using your sword or other one-handed tools. 


When you kill Kenda for the first time in Dawnlands, it will help you unlock these recipes as a reward: 

  1. Anvil 
  2. Copper Sword
  3. Copper Spear 
  4. Copper Hammer 
  5. Copper Axe 
  6. Ranger’s Vest 
  7. Ranger’s Pant 
  8. Ranger’s Belt 
  9. Ranger’s Bracers 
  10. Ranger’s Cloak 
  11. Green shadow Pickaxe 
  12. The items he will drop after defeat are: 
  13. Kenda’s Grudge 
  14. Green shadow Horn 
  15. Green shadow mane 

Kenda’s Grudge is used for the sanctification, which will give 60 sanctified Dust, and you can use it to level up the statue. Similarly, you can use the Greenshadow Horn Greenshadow mane to increase the attribute level of your skills.