Brawlhalla Blasters Complete Guide and Tips

Brawlhalla Blasters Complete Guide

So, you are not making any progress with blasters in Brawlhalla? It can be tricky to learn the blasters because of the different moves it involves and the spacing, but as you understand some approach options and combos, you will get used to it.

There are many things you need to keep in mind while using them. You must understand your area of threat with the weapon. Blasters look like pistols, but they shoot out blasts instead of bullets. These blasts can be powerful if you strike the enemy with them. Blasters are used to control the air, but they can also handle the ground.

Blasters are one of the best weapons to play at high speed for aerial movement. It also opens up different options directly related to your actions in the game. Here is a list of the legends who can play with blasters in Brawlhalla:

  1. Cassidy
  2. Lord Vraxx
  3. Thatch
  4. Ada
  5. Lucien
  6. Barraza
  7. Diana
  8. Cross
  9. Nix
  10. Isaiah
  11. Reno

Some of these legends have blasters as their primary weapon to knock out opponents, while some do not. 

To understand Brawlhalla better, you must learn the common terminologies. If you’re new to the game, it can be a little harder to learn these terminologies, but once you start practising the moves, it will be much easier to learn and use these in the game.

Blaster Movement and Skills

ChargingHolding on to your attacks for a longer period will damage your opponent.
ComboIt is a combination of two or more attacks–Blaster Combos can give substantial damage to your enemies.
DashDashing is a quick movement forward or backwards that you can do by pressing the dodge button to the left or right.
Dash JumpImmediately jumping after dashing.
Down AttackAttack performed while the player is holding down.
Gravity CancelQuickly attacking after dodging a spot in the air.
RecoveryRecovery is a heavy aerial attack that is also neutral and launches the player higher up in the air, giving quick movement and catching the player off-guard, giving attack options.

How to Play With Blasters in Brawlhalla?

There are many different ways you can play with blasters. The main goal is to shove your enemy into a corner and use your Moves to win the game. You can approach the enemy using various Moves. Another thing to remember while playing with blasters is to stand your ground. Make sure you have control over the centre of the stage.

While playing Brawlhalla, you should use moves that are neutral. Neutral basically means you have control over the territory. You don’t want to use Moves that move you. You want to use that to keep you neutral after the attack. Use Moves like sidelight and down air. With these moves, you will stay in a specific area and remain neutral.

Blasters Attack Moves

You can approach the enemy in several different ways. These approach moves or attack moves will give you an opening against your enemy, or you can also combine various attack moves to create powerful combos.

Light Attacks

Light Attacks can be either Neutral, Side or Down. While playing the game, you will combine Light attacks with air attacks to knock down your enemy.

A neutral light(nLight) attack means you will remain neutral after hitting the attack. During a neutral light attack, the blasters shoot out two blasts, the second being Bigger than the first. If you land one of the blasts on your enemy, there will be a third blast that will hit the enemy no matter how fast he moves.

Side Light Attack (sLight)

During a side light attack, the blaster shoots out one blast. The blast knocks the enemy relatively close to you, giving you options to hit another attack. You will frequently use this attack during the game. So, it is best to practice your side attacks.

Down Light Attack (dLight)

Down Light Attack is a very effective move that can give you an advantage over your enemy if you know how to use it right. It is also great for starting combos. You can combine dLight with any other air attack, which gives substantial damage to the enemy.

Air Attacks

Air attacks, combined with light attacks, can be a Powerful combo in Brawlhalla. It can knock out your enemy and give you time to prepare other attacks to follow up. This is why mastering air attacks is essential to build up your game because, without them, you won’t be able to land winning combos on your opponent.

Similar to light attacks, you can either hit a neutral air attack (nAir), a side air attack (sAir) or a down air attack (dAir). In neutral air attacks, the blaster will shoot two blasts in a slightly upward direction; in a side air attack, the blaster will shoot out a single but powerful blast. In a dAir attack, the user shoots two small blasts, and if you land one of the blasts, a third blast that is more powerful will hit the enemy.

Some Important Blasters Combos in Brawlhalla

  1. dLight sLight
  2. sAir nLight
  3. dLight nLight
  4. dLight nAir
  5. dLight Rec
  6. dLight sLight
  7. dLight sAir
  8. dLight dAir
  9. dLight Jump sAir
  10. sAir nLight
  11. sAir dLight
  12. sAir sLight
  13. sAir nAir

You can see dLight and sAir a lot because these two moves are great combo starters. It catches your opponent off guard and exposed and you will have more options to attack.