Dawnlands Edie Boss Guide | How to defeat?

Dawnlands Edie Boss Guide | How to defeat?

Edie is the third boss you must defeat to unlock the new region named Swamp in Dawnlands. You will face him as you follow the main world quest in the game. Edie is one of the Hardest bosses as he is annoying and attacks with different patterns, but if you know how to tackle his attacks and their attack pattern, you can easily defeat him. 

Edie Location

You will find Edie at the Plain at the base of the sealing; here, the picture shows his location:

Edie Location Dawnlands

How to Summon Edie?

To summon Edie, you need five Core of Metamorphic Rock, which you can get by crafting one Instability Crystal and one Rock Pattern Grudge. You will get the Rock Pattern Grudge by defeating Edith Eye in Dawnlands. The Edith Eye is scattered in The Plain Region and can be easily defeated. In addition, the material required to craft the Core of Metamorphic Rock is 3 Earthly Pyroxene and 1 Tin Ingot. So, After you obtain 5 Core of Metamorphic Rock, you need to go to the base of sealing, where you can use it to summon Edie. 

How to Defeat Edie in Dawnlands?

You will find it hard to kill Edie as he does multiple attacks, which are nearly impossible to dodge. Also, he does range attack and close combat, so you must be careful while fighting him. When you are close to Edie, he does a spinning attack, which can instantly kill you. You can avoid it by simply running away from him. 

When you are away from him, he does two types of attacks. He does a laser eye attack where it shoots a laser attack on the character, which deals initial damage, then continuously drains the character’s HP with the Burning effect. To dodge this attack, you want to go to the big stone which can block that laser eye. 

The next attack he does is he throws his hammer at your character. But, It can be easily dodged by simply running away from its projectile. You want to use range weapons and a two-handed weapon to beat Edie, and I would say the hammer is the best weapon against him. He has resistance against ranged and One-handed weapons. 

When Edie throws his hammer, you want to destroy the hammer with a two-handed weapon, which will make him stunned, and his resistance will drop. So, at that moment, you want to use a hammer to deal damage as he takes a lot of damage during that phase.

While fighting with Edie, always be behind the big rock as protection, or he can easily one-shot you. 

Backup Items

Here are the best Backup Items you will require to kill Edie in Dawnlands:

  1. You want to have all equipment equipped so your character does not take a lot of damage. 
  2. You want to use equipment which has Fire resistance to overcome burning damage. 
  3. You want to have an equipped bronze armour set so it can absorb damage dealt by Edie. It is recommended to use refined bronze armour. 
  4. You want to have some Foods such as sausage and healing herbs. 
  5. You want to have HP Potions as food can be consumed only two times and the hunger bar gets full. 
  6. You want to have a DEF potion so when the character takes a hit from Edie it doesn’t deal a lot of damage to the character. 


When you defeat Edie for the first time, you will unlock these recipes/materials as a reward:

  1. Transmutation Cauldron
  2. Dark Iron Axe
  3. Dark Iron Sword
  4. Dark Iron Mace
  5. Dark Iron Spear
  6. Dark Iron Hammer
  7. Dark Iron Shield
  8. Dark Iron Armor
  9. Dark Iron Greaves 
  10. Dark Iron Gauntlets 
  11. Dark Iron Horned Helmet 
  12. Splitter Pickaxe
  13. The items he will drop after defeat are: 
  14. Edie’s Grudge
  15. Splitter Ball 
  16. Splitter Claw