Curse of 21st-century : Pandemic

Life with curse

It is curse for all humanity. A few months ago, everybody had something to do.

Therefore, We could saw the crowd on the street from the roof, everybody used to be busy with their goal and objectives. Likewise, Students used to go to their school and college, workers and employees had to work according to their routine to fulfill their basic demands.

Furthermore, we could saw many people in the cities, who had come for an expedition and the bus stops and the train stations were always full of people. Moreover, we could saw people enjoying the cinema, the park, the eatery, etc. the airplane didn’t use to travel over the cloud without any passenger. In this way, we all were busy, chasing our goal by doing something.

However, in December 2019, something happened. Suddenly an evil born on the earth, which was far from our imagination and thought. It was such an evil that, doesn’t take much time to reach all over the world.

The evil is nothing, but the corona virus that transformed into a hazardous pandemic, named as COVID19. As a result, It disturbed people from all over the world physically and mentally. COVID19 is a curse for the 21st-century people.

After the advent of the pandemic, all people get frightened. The pandemic enters the globe like it is an opponent of the people, who have declared a massive war. And now, the time has changed. Therefore, the routine of the people isn’t the same as it used to be.

Nowadays, those busy streets look empty. It looks like the population of the world has decreased dramatically. Furthermore, We can’t see any vehicles on the street, not even hear the sound of them. School and college have become a quiet place like a haunted house of the horror film.

It has been a long time we have not seen people out of culture, who used to come to our cities and locally to visit. All business organizations closed. And workers now have nothing to do. Moreover, the footpaths, where many people used to walk now, looks bare. Playgrounds, parks, and footpaths have turned into grassland. Airplanes stuck in the airport.

Due to the lack of weapons to fight with the evil, people have locked themselves inside four walls. We people who used to think about, how to achieve our dream are now thinking about how to survive from the pandemic.

All are forced to isolate ourselves from the rest of the world. We can’t do anything, not even we can go outside with our own choice and freedom. It is the curse for all mankind.

Let’s hope one day we would get defences to fight with our enemy and celebrate the triumph. Till then, we can compete with this evil by just hiding from it. Let’s prepare ourselves from the hiding point till we could get strength and defence to eliminate COVID19 from the world map.


Stay safe

Stay home

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