How can you get materials in BGMI? Battleground mobile India

materials in BGMI

The materials are the most precious item in the battleground mobile India (BGMI). And it is used for upgrading the weapons and guns in the game.

What is the benefit of upgrading weapons in BGMI?

The upgraded guns increase the reputation of players in the matches and lobby.

There is no difference between the ‘upgraded and non-upgraded weapons in the battleground mobile India, excluding some features. The damage ability of the guns doesn’t depend upon the attractive skins.

Upgrade Level 2 M416 glacier skin with materials.

But the only difference is you will get a separate identity among the other players because of upgraded weapons.

Your kill message and effect will be unique, and others will call you a BGMI pro player.

Therefore, you need to know the source to get material in BGMI to upgrade your weapon and guns for free.

Here’s are the possible source to get materials in the BGMI.

Crate opening

It is the best way to get materials in battleground mobile India with a high chance. But you have to spend some UC for crate opening.

The cost of opening 1 crate is 60UC, and it cost 540UC to open 10 crates in BGMI. It’s a bit costly method, but chances are high.


The spin is also an idea to unlock materials but with less chance in comparison to crate opening.

The cost of spinning is:
One spin= 10 UC for first chance(Everyday)
One spin= 60 UC after first chance(Everday)
10 spin= 540 UC

Try to unlock upgradable guns multiple times.

If you get the upgradable weapon multiple times, you will get free material in BGMI.

Suppose if you get the M416 glacier 2 times, you will get 3 materials in battleground mobile India for free.

And, not only glacier, but also you can get material by unlocking any upgradable weapon for more than a chance. For example:
(I) If you get AR two times, you will get 3 materials.
(II) You will get 1 material for free if you unlock SMG multiple times.
(III) If you get sniper two times, you will get 2 materials for free in BGMI.

The AR is a valuable gun in the BGMI, so its value is also high. That’s why the AR unlocks with less chance in comparison to SMG and snipper.


If you want to save the UC cost to get material, it’s better to try only one spin every day.

But, if you don’t have UC, try to unlock any upgradable weapon multiple times from the classic crate in BGMI.

So, try your luck- get more materials in BGMI and upgrade your best gun M416 glacier skin.


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