Metro royale mode on PUBG mobile: A complete guide to play.

Metro royale mode on PUBG mobile

The trending game PUBG Mobile is introducing a new feature and concept in its every update. In update 1.1, the player got a chance to enter the new mode, metro royale on PUBG mobile.

You will get a separate lobby to go inside another PUBG world, to get fun with the new mode. But in the metro royale chapter 1, you could play the mode only with the squad.

However, after the latest update 1.2 in season 17., the PUBG mobile has introduced another chapter of metro royale mode.
And, the metro royale chapter two has come up with new features like;

  • You can view the rank of the metro players as well as yours.
  • New metro titles have been introduced; Adventurer, Rookie, Veteran, Fighter, elite, Hera, and Legendary.
  • New rewards, missions and events have been added to the metro royale chapter 2.
  • Now you can play metro royale in solo mode.
  • You can see emails from the metro royale lobby.
  • Also, the NPC chat feature has been removed in the new chapter.

How to play metro royale matches?

metro royale
metro royale

In the first chapter of metro royale, you had only a squad option to play with.
But, in the latest update, you can choose solo or, squad to continue your game.
So, go to the metro tunnel entrance from the main menu and select your map and mode.

The Basic mode:
In this mode, you should go to the battleground for loot. And after you collect enough loot, you should return back to the lobby.
However, before you enter the metro royale, you should load your necessary items like a gun, scope, ammo, health, helmet, and attachments.
Otherwise, if you don’t have the equipment, you can purchase using your metro points from the black market.


The Undercover mode:
You should infiltrate the camp of your enemy without taking any of your weapons with you. And your enemy will harm you until you disturb them, but other players can become dangerous to you.
Your objective is to complete the match secretly as much as possible.

In the metro mode, you will encounter your enemies(bots and players). And you will see the bots guarding the items. So, your objective is to kill the guards and loot the black object. After you collect enough loot, you should return to the lobby after you reach your target points from the green signal.

How to get rewards in metro royale mode in PUBG mobile?

In the metro royale chapter 2, you will get varieties of rewards like a voice pack, outfits, AG, Mist hunter pants, Mist hunter shoe, Mist hunter top, honour fight title and many more.

So, you can purchase rewards with metro cash that you earned by selling your loot.

You can get more metro cash by:

  • Completing missions; story and favorability missions.
  • Also, by selling the loot of metro royal matches in the black market.
  • Completing weekly events

Steps to selling your loot for metro cash;

  • Go to the black market.
  • Tap on the ‘Sell‘ option.
  • Finally, select the item you want to sell. And Tap ‘OK’

Also, you can collect those rewards by increasing your honour.

Honour means your ability and strength in the metro royale mode.

So, you can increase your honour by defeating your opponent in the PUBG metro royale mode. Also, you should complete the weekly mission and events for more honour.

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Talent on Pubg metro royale

On metro royale mode, there is another feature called talent. With this feature, you can upgrade your abilities like;

  • Focus: Increase the speed of scope.
  • Endurance: It reduces the movement loss from encumbrance.
  • Rucksack: You can pick up extra items. Rucksack talent increases backpack capacity.
  • Hyperactive: Increase your movement speed while regaining health.
  • Dash: Boost your speed while your hand is empty.
  • Retreat: Reduce your return time with the retreat metro royale talent.
  • Strong: Strong talent increases your HP.
  • Reenergize: Knocking out an enemy will regain your energy.
  • Dexterous: The talent gives you the ability to open the crate quickly on Pubg metro royale mode.
  • Short-range expert: Increase the damage of SMG and shotgun with this metro royale talent.
  • Rifle expert: The damage of Pubgm AR weapons increases with the rifle expert talent on metro royale.
  • Expert sniper: Sniper rifles and pistols give higher damage by this talent.

How to get more talent points?

Level up

To get more metro royale points, you should increase the level by playing more matches. Upgrading talent also gives you many more rewards like; metro cash, undercover agent, inventory capacity and premium training pack.

Commando post

To earn more talent points in metro royale, upgrade the level of Lan, Vera and Katia.
Just you should open a premium favourability pack and gift them a reward that comes from the pack. It depends upon you how many gifts you will offer. And the gift items will determine your level up.

To purchase more premium favorability packs and level up;

  • Go to the black market.
  • Go to draw pack and purchase.
  • Use to upgrade the level.

The next chapter of metro royale is available on Pubg season 18.

Thank you for reading.

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