All about the throwable weapons in Pubg mobile: Learn to use them.

Photo of all Throwable weapons in pubg mobile.

In Pubg mobile, throwable are additional weapons that you can use for winning battles. There are five types of throwable in the game:

  • Frag grenade
  • Molotov cocktail
  • Smoke grenade
  • Stun grenade
  • Sticky bomb

Each throwable has a unique use and ability to destroy the enemies and their cover and vehicle. But among all player uses frag grenade and smoke grenade most in the match by ignoring others.
However, not only frag and smoke but also all others are the best throwable items of the game that is useful in different situations- Only you have to learn them. So, this article will explain the tips for using all the throwable in Pubg mobile for better gameplay and performance.

All detail about Pubg mobile throwable weapons and how to use them

1. Frag grenade

Photo of Frag grenade. Throwable weapons in Pubg mobile
  • Time for a blast after cooking: 7 seconds
  • Throw time: 1.30 seconds

Frag grenade is a throwable item in Pubg mobile used to blow up an enemy in the short and mid-range. It is available on all the maps, TDM, classic, and Evoground.

Best use of frag grenade:: You can use it before taking a rush on the enemy on squad houses, schools, apartments, and other buildings. Also, If the opponent is not coming out of his cover, you can use a frag grenade to flush him out. Before pulling a pin, you should identify the enemy location for a perfect blast.

  • Throw the frag grenade in 2-3 seconds after you pull the pin(cook). But if the enemy is a bit far, throw quicker.
  • Learn how the frag works from the training ground.
  • Pick it up 2-3 in the classic matches.

2. Molotov cocktail

  • It doesn’t have cooking time. It immediately works after it touches the enemy or ground.
  • Throw time: 1.30 seconds.

The molotov cocktail has the best ability to threaten the hidden enemies in the battleground.
It doesn’t blast like other throwable but creates fire in the thrown area. The Molotov cocktail can’t knock or kill the enemy but give heavy damage to them. And it is found in all maps but not in TDM.

Best use of a Molotov cocktail:: Its damage is low in comparison to other Pubg mobile throwable weapons. Most of the time, your enemy will not come out of the room or any hardcover. In that case, throw it with a perfect angle toward the enemy’s hiding point to take him out. The enemy will come out of his cover by jumping in panic and shooting him.

  • Don’t use it while you and your squad rush together in the apartment or any place.
  • Pick up at least 1 Molotov in the classic matches.

3. Sticky bomb

Photo of Sticky bomb.
  • Time for a blast after cook: 6 seconds
  • Throw time:1.3 seconds

This throwable is only available on the Karakin map. And its working way is different from other throwable weapons in Pubg mobile. It’s is not for killing an enemy or destroying cover but to explore more in the match.

Best use of a sticky bomb:: You know, there are some secret locations in the Karakin Map hidden behind the walls. So, by using the sticky bomb, you can enter inside chambers by blasting the wall doors.

  • It is not a good throwable weapon to kill enemies.
  • Pick up a maximum of 3 sticky grenades to explore secret chambers on the map.

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4. Smoke grenade

Photo of Smoke grenade.
  • Time for a blast after cooking: 6 seconds
  • Throw time:1.30 seconds

The smoke grenade is one of the best throwable of the Pubg. It is like a teammate when no one is there for you. And it is found in all maps and modes in the game. And, by using the smoke grenade, your mission becomes easy than you expect, but only if you learn it’s a perfect use.

Best use of smoke grenades:: You can use them in various challenging situations. You can use it when you go to revive your teammate in the open area. Also, it is helpful in the last circle of the match. Furthermore, you can throw smoke grenades to trick your enemy- Either for rush or escape.

  • Don’t use it without thinking. Otherwise, your enemy will know your hiding location.
  • Use enough smoke grenades in the classic matches-maximum 4

5. Stun grenade

Photo of Stun grenade Pubg mobile.
  • Time for a blast after cook: 4 seconds
  • Throw time: 1.30 seconds

It is available in all maps and modes. But the player doesn’t prefer to pick up Stun’s grenade in the matches. Tell me if it is useless, then why has the game has included on the list of weapons? This throwable weapon in the PUBGM is not bad.- Only you don’t know how to use it. It can blind your enemy for 5 seconds.

Best use of a stun grenade

When an enemy takes TPP for a long time, you can use the grenade to confuse them. Also, it is best to use it when you saw any camper someplace. 

  • Don’t keep it on your hand for more than 2 seconds after you pull the pin. Otherwise, you will become blind for seconds.
  • Use more Stun grenades in the solo matches.
  • Pick up at least 1 in the classic match.

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