All talent championship chapter 2 in Pubg mobile and some rewards

All talent championship.

Finally, Pubg mobile update 1.5 brought all talent championship chapter 2.

You know all talent championship is the remastered and updated mode of old crew challenge tournaments on the game.

So, in the previous chapter, you enjoyed the all-talent championship and got fun with many rewards, but do you know what’s new in the new chapter? Let’s discuss it.

What’s new in Pubg mobile all talent championship chapter 2?

The rules and register system are similar to the last chapter. But the change is, you can redeem some new rewards in all talent championship latest chapters using the talent coins.

  • 10 Room cards for one use.
  • 20 supply crate coupon scrap.
  • 20 Classic crate coupon scrap
  • 100 silver fragments ( Read: How to get more silvers?)
  • 100 Trai
  • Permanent and temporary pan skin
  • QB2 gun skin for permanent and temporary.
  • Urban stroll set for permanent and temporary.
  • Permanent trench coat
  • Stained soul- M416 skin for Permanent
  • Sun disciple set for permanent.
  • All talent championship exclusive crates.
  • And superagent set and glasses for permanent.

Yes, chapter 2 brought many new rewards but getting talent coins is easy to redeem them.

Rules are

The player has to get more points and a higher rank as per the rule.

Players can only participate in the all-talent championship with the team and only play matches in the Erangle in TPP mode.

The All talent championship is divided into weekly matches- semi-final, playoffs, and the final round. The team moves to the next phase, but the previous phase’s result will decide it.

When will the All talent championship end in Pubg mobile?

It started on July 3, and it will end on September 5. So, don’t miss making a strong crew to play the event.

The PUBGM all-talent championship is your future career if you want to play in high-level tournaments.

So, try to get the best rank, and position from today.

How to create a crew?

  • Go to matches.
  • Go to the crew option.
  • And create a crew.

But remember, your crew member should be active players with pro skills- because the win-lose depends upon the ability of your team members.

But, if you don’t have a team, you can join another team by sending a request.

Schedule of all talent championship chapter 2

After creating a crew, you can look at the picture that shows the information about the timing of the matches.

Finally, I want to say, don’t forget to collect some rewards for free from the all-talent championship in the second chapter.

For that, you need to log in to games for 2 days.

  • Go to the event section
  • Go to E-sports and tap on LIVE VIFWERS MILESTONE and redeem rewards.

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