Tier List DC Heroes & Villains | Top 5 Best Characters

Tier List DC Heroes & Villains | Top 5 Best Characters

This article will make a Tier List of all Characters/Superheroes in DC Heroes & Villains(DCHV). 

DC Heroes & Villains is a puzzle RPG PvP Superhero Game developed by Ludia Inc. In this game, you can collect different types of Heroes and Villains from the DC universe to make a team and battle various enemies. 

DC Heroes and Villains Tier List

TiersAll Heroes & Villains List
S TierSuperman, Batman, Halo, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Vandal Savage, The Riddler, The Joker, Circe, Lex Luthor, Harley Quinn
A TierBlack Lightning, Nightwing, Livewire, Killer Croc, Poison Ivy, Martian Manhunter, Penguin, Huntress, Donna Troy, Parasite, Ultra-Humanite, Artemis Grace, Deadshot, Firefly, Cheetah
B TierGrave Spinner, Nubia, Cheshire, Enchantress, Amanda Waller, Captain, Catwoman, Katana, Two-Face, Cyborg, Gorilla Grodd, Chopper Head, Inmate Leader, Robin
C TierField Agent, Anarchist, Shell Breaker, Fin Carver, Goon, Street Thug, Sonar Master, Wave Shaper, Riot Control, Trapper, Serial Killer, Pulse Runner, Shield bearer, Tog Dog, Homicidal Maniac, Splicer, Archer, Disintegrator, Royal Guard, Warrior

Top 5 Best Characters in DC Heroes & Villains

1. Batman

The first best superhero in the game is Batman, and his Multi-Hit Strike is a Powerful move that delivers four devastating hits to all enemies, each packing an 18% damage multiplier. This move also benefits the team by filling all allies’s Power Gauges by 15%, ensuring a steady supply of potent abilities. Batman’s kit lies in his Group Bonus, Batman Family. When teamed up with other members of the Batman Family, his leadership prowess comes to the fore. He increases the team’s performance by increasing their Attack (All Colors) and enhancing their Defense, with bonuses ranging from 3% to 12%. 

Furthermore, in his passive ability, Batman Family Values, When Batman executes a Power Move, both he and Robin gain the Dodge Up buff, enhancing their attacks for three turns. Moreover, when Robin uses his Power Move, Batman and Robin’s Critical increases.

2. The Joker

The Joker’s “HAHAHAHAHA!” requires no Power Gauge to unleash. With a swift Speed rating of B, he disrupts the order of battle by suppressing barriers on all enemies and delivering a single, devastating hit to each enemy, backed by a 66% damage multiplier. The Joker inflicted an enduring Attack Down debuff on all targets, damaging their offensive power for 3 turns. He gives the Taunt buff randomly upon an ally, diverting the enemy’s attention for 1 turn. 

His Group Bonus called “Arkham’s Most Wanted” boosts both the Attack (All Colors) and Defense of the entire team by 3% to 12%. Additionally, with his passive ability, “Watch the World Burn,” With every hit he endures, there’s a 60% chance of afflicting enemies with the disruptive Anti-Heal debuff for 3 turns. Moreover, when his HP is below 50% of his maximum, he cleanses himself of all debuffs and gets a Stealth buff for 5 turns. 

3. Superman

Superman’s signature move, Heat Vision, showcases his Speed rating of 11. In a blazing flash, he targets a single enemy with a mighty blow carrying a substantial 208% damage multiplier. What sets Superman apart from other DC Heroes & Villains characters is his passive skill. Here, he is complete immunity to Critical Hits and starts each battle with an enduring 24-turn Immunity buff, rendering him to harm. However, his vulnerability to Kryptonite Attacks, though rare, temporarily strips him of his buffs and imposes Vulnerability, Attack Down, and Lethargy debuffs for 5 turns. 

4. Harley Quinn

Harley’s Whack-a-Mole Power Move demands no Power Gauge. It allows her to single out an enemy, converting all their buffs into debuffs before delivering a strike with a 156% damage multiplier. So, to further disrupt her target, she inflicts the lockdown debuff for a single turn, momentarily hindering their actions. In addition, her “Mischief Maker” is a passive ability in which at the start of each turn, she willingly sacrifices 3% of her HP to afflict a random enemy, Accuracy Down, or Attack Down debuffs, each for 2 turns.

5. Halo

Halo targets a single enemy, delivering substantial damage with a 126% damage multiplier. Her enduring Anti-Heal debuff, effectively silencing the target’s ability to heal for a challenging 5 turns, and the Damage Over Time debuff, chipping away at the enemy’s health over the same duration. Her passive ability, “Spectrum Shift,” when enemies attack an ally protected by a Barrier, they are met with the Vulnerability debuff for a substantial 6 turns. Moreover, her ability to generate Barriers for both her and Katana, equivalent to 5% of her maximum HP with each basic attack, and her role as a steadfast protector. Halo’s capacity to disrupt enemy strategies, particularly with her debuffs, and her proficiency in bolstering defenses through Barriers.

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