Elemental Dungeon Tier List | Ranking All Elements Best to Worst

Elemental Dungeon Tier List | Ranking All Elements Best to Worst

Elemental Dungeon is an action-adventure RPG game in which the Elements play an important role. The Elemental can refer to the different powers or abilities that players can utilize in the game to cast spells and engage in combat. Each element has a unique set of Spells, strengths, and weaknesses, allowing players to customize their playstyle and strategy. This article will make a tier list of all the Elements in Elemental Dungeon and rank them from best to worst with brief descriptions.

Elements Tier List in Elemental Dungeon

TiersAll Elements List
S-TierLight, Shadow, Fire, Galaxy
A-TierWater, Wind, Earth, Ice
B-TierLighting, Magma, Strom
C-TierPlant, Lava

1. Light Element

It is considered the best element in Elemental Dungeon due to its versatility and powerful abilities. Light offers a balance of high burst damage, crowd control, and excellent mobility. The “Luminous” ability is known for its devastating damage potential. Overall, you can use Light Element as a Support and DPS, and it is a good choice for both beginners and experienced players.

2. Galaxy Element

It specializes in area damage and has a lot of AoE attacks. The “Super Nova” attack is an attack that deals a lot of damage to the surroundings. It is a good element for a DPS in a team battle.

3. Shadow Element

Shadow is another top-tier pick due to its mobility and versatile combat options. Players who enjoy hit-and-run tactics will enjoy the Shadow’s teleportation abilities. “Void Quasar” is a particularly powerful move for crowd control and damage.

4. Fire Element

It specializes in consistent area damage and controlling space. Fire’s ranged attacks, fiery projectiles, and AoE abilities make it a strong choice in various situations. The “Magma Burst” attack is a prime example of Fire’s burst damage capabilities. Due to the range attack nature, the Fire element is an ideal option as almost all the enemies in this game do a lot of damage in close-range combat.

5. Water Element

Water shines in crowd control and healing abilities, making them valuable support elements in team play. The “Healing Wave” skill is a great healing ability, while Tsunami can disrupt enemy movements effectively, which you can use to stunt enemies and deal damage.

6. Wind Element

Wind offers exceptional mobility and evasive manoeuvres. They are great at dodging incoming attacks and disrupting the plans of your opponents. The Hurricane ability is a crowd control favourite among Wind users as it can gather all the enemies at a single location, which makes it easy to deal damage to the enemies.

7. Earth Element

Earth prioritizes durability and area denial, and its ability to block attacks and create obstacles can be crucial in team battles. It can disable the movement of your enemies. An Earthquake is a powerful AoE attack that can disrupt enemy formations. 

8. Ice Element

Ice provides crowd control and area denial through freezing abilities. They excel at slowing down opponents and controlling the battlefield. “Cryogenesis” is a potent ice-based attack that immobilizes enemies. It is also a great option as a support as it slows the enemies, as well as makes a path for the character to deal damage to enemies. 

9. Lightning Element

It offers strong burst damage potential but requires precise aim and timing to be effective. “Lightning Strike” is a high-damage skill that can be devastating when used accurately. It is generally used by a lot of attacker role players. So, due to the high burst damage, this can deal a lot of damage to the enemies. 

10. Magma Element

Magma combines fire and earth elements, offering a balanced mix of damage and control in Elemental Dungeon. “Lava Wave” and “Burning Rocks” provide versatile offensive options, while “Magma Wall” offers defensive capabilities. It is the best supporting element but is not great for damage output. 

11. Storm Element

Storm focus on area damage and crowd control. They can be challenging to master due to their complex abilities, but “Thunderstorms” can create panic among grouped enemies as they are stuck in a single place, so with the right teamwork, you can use it well. 

12. Plant Element 

Plant concentrates on crowd control and slowing down opponents. While they have their uses, they may not be as versatile or powerful as higher-tier elements. “Vine Grasp” and “Spore Bomb” are nice abilities for control. 

13. Lava Element

It offers strong damage potential but may lack versatility and crowd control. “Lava Stream” is a damaging ability that can be challenging to aim accurately.

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