X Dogs Tier List | Best Pets in the Game

X Dogs Tier List | Best Pets in the Game

X Dogs is an Idle Genre game where you don’t need to interact much. In this game, you will unlock different types of pets, each with their own unique attributes and skills, making it fun to play for players. This article will make a tier list of all pets in X Dogs, ranking them from best to worst.

X Dogs Pet Tier List

TiersAll Pets List
S-TierHusky Lee, Iron Dog, Strawhat Hero, Loli Gunner, Fortune Dog, Zhuge Liang, Shuten-Doggy, Harley Woofinn, Wukong
A-TierAthena, Bank Note, Cleopatra, Kradogs, Spardogs, Poseidog, Medusa, Guan Yu, Bumbledoge, Doker, DOG-800, Thunder, Future Warrior
B-TierRed Cap, Mr Sheild, Ghost Bean, Modern Holmes, Boss Cao, Zeus, Ronin, Triple Kill, Baozi, Assassin, Dracula, Green Leaf, Strong Arm, NO23
C-TierMushroom, Pulley Girl, Cupid, Mermaid, Cowbull, Lady Monroe, The Hound, Top Boxer, Dorc, Mona Lisa, Peter Pug, Bark Snow
D-TierDoggie VV, Hotdog, Puppypeye, Sponge Dog, Skull, Bark Sparrow

Best Pets/Heroes/Characters in X Dogs

Husky Lee
Husky dog X Dogs

Husky Lee, a Tank, is the Strongest pet and has one of the highest HP in X Dogs. It has passive in which when his HP is below 30%, he immediately recovers 30% of loass HP at the end of each turn. He can also increase the damage by 3 turns and can be still alive by 1 HP if the attack dealt with by the enemy is fatal. 

Iron Dog
Iron Dog X Dogs

Iron Dog plays the role of a Ranger, which has a great attack. The speed of Iron Dog is more than satisfactory, making him the best Ranger pet. This character’s passive skill increases the attack by 35% and increases the Crit Attack. When he deals with Crit Attack, he heals himself depending on his Attack, which makes him a great asset in a battle. 

Strawhat Hero
Strawhat Hero

Strawhat Hero plays the role of a Warrior and has a high attack point, which makes him the best attacker character in X Dogs. This character also has a high HP that tanks the front attack smoothly. When his HP drops below 30%, he gets into a rage mode where his ATK is increased by 100% and speed by 100 points. He starts to heal himself with the damage he takes due to which he should be used at the front and can be a great damage dealer. 

Loli Gunner
Loli Gunner

Loli Gunner is a Ranger character with one of the highest attacking base numbers. Although she is a ranger pet hero in X Dogs, she doesn’t have a high speed, but her attacks balance everything. When she dies, she will stunt all enemies for 2 turns and increase all the pet damage by 400%, so as well as being the best DPS, she can be a great support when she dies. 

Athena X Dogs

Athena plays a supporting character role, and she is a healer as well as a buffer. She heals teammates with her skill and can remove debuffs from the characters. Also, she can heal all the characters at the end of the turn, making the survivability of all the characters more viable. She also increases the attack of allies by 3%, and it can be stacked basically increasing the damage over time. When her Hp falls below 30%, she increases her DEF by 50% for 3 turns, being a more reliable hero. 

Zhuge Liang
Zhuge Liang

Zhuge Liang deals damage to 3 enemies at once with a strange wind. The strange wind explodes at the end, dealing 400% damage to enemies, and Zhuge Liang heals 15% of his HP when it damages enemies. He enters a mode called Taichi, in which he is 20% immune to damage. Considering all the abilities of Zhuge Liang, we can conclude she is the best mage in X dogs.  

Fortune Dog 

Fortune Dog plays the role of Tank. He has one of the highest base HP and DEF, which can make him tank High damage. He also has good ATK stats, so you can also play him as a DPS. When his HP drops 30%, he immediately recovers 40% of his HP and increases his DEF by an extra 50% for 3 turns, which can increase his survivability further. He also enhances the attack by 20% and reduces the damage of enemies by 25%, which boosts the survivability of all the X Dogs pets in the team comp. 

Bank Note
Bank Note X DOgs

Bank Note plays an Assassin in X Dogs and has a high attack base number but a low HP number, so you must build a team with a healer. This pet enters stealth mode and recovers 20% of his max HP. This character can also add 50% ATK, which helps him dodge enemy attacks. He also buffs his stats by adding ATK by 20% and Crit Attack by 25%. He also increases Crit damage by 0.5% each time he does a crit attack. 

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