Ever Legion Best Heroes | Top 5 Heroes

Ever Legion Best Heroes | Top 5 Heroes

Ever Legion is a fantasy RPG mobile game with stunning graphics and gameplay. Here one has to explore the 3D world filled with mysteries. In this game, players take on the role of a hero to play the game. The game offers various weapons and equipment to acquire and upgrade, combining classic RPG mechanics with action-packed combat. Here are the Top 5 best Heroes/Characters in Ever Legion:

1. Edward

Edward is a strong ranger class hero known for dealing significant damage with his skill attacks. His ability to target multiple enemies simultaneously and reduce their HP recovery speed makes him extremely valuable in long-lasting battles. Moreover, he possesses a passive skill that boosts his critical strike rate. While he might not be as powerful as some other heroes, he serves as an excellent alternative for those who don’t have access to some other good heroes.

2. Godfrey

Godfrey stands out as the ultimate tank hero in Ever Legion. He has got good HP, defense stats and huge durability which allows him to absorb significant damage while shielding his allies in combat against the enemy. Moreover, with his fourth skill unlocked, if his HP falls below 40%, he gains immunity to damage for a brief period and can even self-heal during this time.

3. Alexio

Alexio is another good tank that offers a versatile set of skills, combining defense, debuff, and AOE abilities. It makes him a valuable hero. His ultimate skill can block enemy attacks for a brief period while quickly targeting the weakest enemy. To further enhance his prowess in tough battles you can equip him with the Daios’ Blessing artifact. It will boost his HP and dodge stats, making him an even more powerful character in the game.

5. Aeyastra

Aeyastra is one of the strongest assassin heroes in Ever Legion that deals huge AoE damage. Additionally, she can boost her own damage depending on the level of her upgraded skills. Ayestra’s attacks and skills can lower enemies’ defense, stacking the effect multiple times. She boosts her allies’ agility with Woodland Whirlwind, shoots arrows quickly to damage multiple enemies, and increases her teammates’ accuracy with Hunter’s Instinct. Her Gust Shot is a potent attack that knocks back enemies and inflicts damage.

4. Melusine

Melusine proves to be an excellent healer for your Ever Legion team. Her impressive skillset not only allows her to restore the HP of her allies but also forces enemies to attack each other. The power of her ultimate skill can not only heal all nearby allies but also boost their defense. 

Melusine’s Serpent’s Kiss heals allies and provides a shield to absorb damage. She creates a Water Shield to protect herself and her allies from harm. Using Serpent’s Tail, she strikes enemies, dealing damage and pushing them back. With Watery Grave, she summons a whirlpool that pulls enemies in and causes damage.