Best AOE Heroes in Eternal Evolution You Must Build

Best AOE Heroes in Eternal Evolution You Must Build

Eternal Evolution is a fun 3D idle RPG game where you build a team of heroes to protect your kingdom from enemies. You win battles to recruit new heroes with different abilities and skills. The Battles happen automatically, but you can fast-forward them once you reach level 3. Most of the game is about making smart decisions, like where to place your heroes and which ones to level up first. It’s a strategy game where you watch the fights. Choosing the right hero is very important; therefore, it is recommended to have at least one AOE hero in the team. AOE refers to the area of effect; it means that the damage dealt by them is area damage. So, here are the top 5 best Eternal Evolution AoE heroes you must build:

1. Luke

Luke is an incredibly powerful AOE attacker in the game with an attack stat of over 8000. His Skills apply the Night Curse debuff, lowering the enemies’ defense by 5% per stack, up to 3 stacks. With his Ult Talent, having 3 stacks of Night Curse makes all his Skills deal True Damage, ignoring enemy defence and reduction.

Luke’s passive allows him to charge energy by hitting multiple enemies, making it easier to stack Night Curse quickly and maintain high area damage. His ult summons a swarm of crows, and he has two other Skills: an AOE explosive attack and a sweeping crescent beam attack. To maximize his power, target his ult to hit as many enemies as possible, charging his energy faster and enabling continuous attacks with Night Curse.

2. Ravenna

Ravenna is a unique AoE character in Eternal Evolution as her Ultimate isn’t a big attack like others; instead, it triggers her regular Skills. She throws a Flammable grenade causing damage over time in a small area. Also, she fires a rotary gun in a cone toward her target. 

Her grenade also becomes more powerful with a wider explosion and stronger damage over time due to a Talent. The gun deals extra damage to enemies who are Wounded or have reduced defence, which works well with the grenade’s effect. Her passive boosts her Skill damage each time she uses a Skill or when her teammates use their Skills. The Talent for this further enhances her Skill damage when her teammates use their abilities. 

3. Aniruddha

Aniruddha is an SSS AoE with lower stats, but his ultimate ability is really useful. It creates a black hole that draws enemies together, making them vulnerable to high-damage attacks with small areas. His other skills cause damage over time and weaken enemies. 

Aniruddha’s passive boosts the DMG of one of his skills based on his Accuracy. You can use him on auto mode or time his abilities to work with other team members’ attacks. Although he may not deal huge damage himself, he greatly helps his teammates do more damage.

4. Crete

Crete is also one of the strongest and most fun heroes with incredibly high defence and strong AOE Skills in Eternal Evolution. His ultimate is a basic hammer attack that deals 460-620% damage based on his defence and reduces enemy defence by 15% with a Talent. All his attacks are area damage, with another AOE swing and a charge that pushes enemies away. 

His passive stacks defence and damage reduction for each enemy on the field and can also add a 2% damage bonus for each enemy hit by his AOE Skills. The only downside is that he doesn’t have many Stuns like other tanks, but his high damage and knockback charge makes him powerful.


Langel is a tank category hero, which is highly annoying AoE if used correctly. He is weak without his talents, but with it, he becomes intense and annoying. Most of Langel’s skills require their Talents to be effective: his ultimate skill provides a defense buff followed by an AOE attack based on defense. While this setup allows them to deal more damage than usual, they won’t hit as hard as dedicated attackers. 

Langel also has a similar AOE roaring attack based on defense. His other skill is an AOE wave attack that goes through multiple enemies. Langel’s passive simply boosts their defense, which is not very impressive, but when their Talents are unlocked, their ultimate and first common skill gain a stunning effect, the second common skill becomes a taunt if used on a single enemy, and the passive reduces the damage taken from ranged attacks.