Free premium crate on BGMI: Battleground mobile India

Free premium crate on BGMI

On battleground mobile India(BGMI), Premium crates are the best source to unlock the best items. By opening the BGMI premium crate, you can get legendary, mythic, and rarest items with a high chance for free than in other crates.

The crate remains for 20 days, and after that period, it comes with new exciting rewards.

In the BGMI, you can’t purchase the premium crates directly by using UC and silvers. However, you can buy a premium crate coupon to make a crate.

To make one crate, you need to have 10 coupons. Here is how to make a premium crate in the BGMI? It’s easy:

  • Go to inventory.
  • Now, select coupons and combine them to make a crate.

Now, let’s discuss how to get more premium crates in BGMI for free.

4 best ways to get a Free Premium crate on BGMI(Battleground mobile India)

From redeem

Premium crate on BGMI: Battleground mobile India

By the redeem method, you can collect 5 coupon scraps daily by using 100 silver fragments(20 silver per coupon).

It means you can make one premium crate by using 200 silvers in 2 days in BGMI. So, don’t forget to get coupon scrap in exchange for silver every day.

  • Go shopping.
  • Go to redeem.
  • Purchase five coupons daily.

Secret treasure method

On the battleground mobile India, there is the various source to get skins, outfits.

Among them, the treasure luck draw is also the best source to get those items.

However, do you know? Every time you try the treasure luck draw, you can get one premium crate for free in BGMI. And its secret location is in the picture:

Royale adventure

Free premium crate on BGMI: Royale adventure

The royale adventure is the method to collect 3 premium crates in every season of BGMI.

But the requirement is, you should upgrade your elite pass to spin royale adventure.

Rules are simple:

  • Collect RP badge
  • Start spin to unlock more supplies.
  • Redeem exciting rewards by suppliers.


It is the best way to collect a lot of premium crates for free in battleground mobile India.

Here are some achievements and guides to get many premium crates.

(I) Win 3 classic matches in raw in the gold tier or above for 1 crate.
(II) And from achievement points.

You can get 44 premium crates from the achievement points if you achieve 5500 points. And you will not get crates at once but in the point gap.

So, to earn more achievement points in the BGMI, remain active and complete the achievements given by the game.

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