Best android emulators to play mobile games on PC without Lag

Best android emulators to play mobile games on PC without Lag

The android emulators help to play mobile games on the PC with the best graphic and frame rate. There are millions of players who play Pubg mobile, Free fire, BGMI on their phones.

However, among them, most of the players want to run those android games on the PC. And fortunately, the emulator has made mobile gaming on PC possible.

So, in this article, we will discuss the best emulators for PC that let you run any android apps and games on your computer without any lag issue.

And with the help of these emulators, you can play any popular games like PUBG mobile, Free fire, BGMI, Ginshin Impact, Arena of Valor smoothly, even on the 2GB, 3GB, 4GB RAM PC.

5 best android emulators to play mobile games on PC with best FPS

LD player

Best android emulators: LD player

It is the top android emulator for mobile gaming on PC with the latest feature of keyboard mapping control, multiple instances. This emulator supports every popular game such as Free fire, Clash of clan, Among us, Mobile legend, and many more with the best graphics and control.

Using an LD player emulator, you will get the best FPS and realistic graphic of any mobile game on your PC. Even you can customize the graphic setting to get smooth gameplay on the low-end PC.

Memu play

Best android emulators: Memu play

The Menu play is the most powerful emulator application to enjoy any mobile game on PC with the best gameplay. The OpenGL and Diretx 3D rendering effects give outstanding images and larger screens.

It has perfect control with built-in key mapping that helps you to play any mobile games on PC like a pro.

With the help of the Memu play emulator, you can run multiple games on different instances simultaneously. And you can run multiple accounts for the same game.

This android emulator runs Pubg mobile, Free fire, Call of duty, BGMI, and many more games without lagging, even on the low-end computer.


The game loop is the most downloaded emulator application that runs any mobile game on the PC with high performance.

Its smart controlling feature gives smooth and easy gameplay control. And its graphic provides the best gaming experience to the player.

Using the Game loop emulator for PC, you can run any high graphic mobile game like Pubg mobile, Genshin Impact, Arena of Valor, BGMI without lag even in the 2GB, 3GB, 4GB RAM PC.

NOX player

The Nox player is the perfect emulator to run Free fire on PC without lag. And not only FF, but also it can play any other android with high FPS.

This emulator has many features that help you to become a pro of mobile gaming on a computer. In the Nox player emulator, you can use the multi-instance feature. And you can play any mobile games on your computer with powerful android 7.

MSI app player

It is another best emulator software that runs any mobile games on a computer with the best FPS. This application has many features built for boosting the performance of android games.

The player can play multiple games at the same time as a console with a controller.

Also, this PC emulator supports hotkey lighting on the laptop with per-key RGB. So, if you have a PC with at least 8GB RAM, you can play BGMI, PUBG mobile, and other popular android games on your PC in 240 FPS.

And if you have a low-end PC, then you can customize the setting to get optimal performance.

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