Most necessary emotes in Free fire that you should use: Top 5 collection.

Top necessary emotes in Free fire that you should use

There are varieties of emotes in the FF. Among them, some are expensive, and others are attractive and stylish. But, all are popular for their unique features. However, there are some emotes in Garena Free fire that is necessary to use in the game for various purposes- And about 99% of FF player have unlocked them.

The emotes help to communicate with others in the game by showing body movement and expressions. You can use emotes to troll your friends and opponent in the perfect situations- Or you can give a positive message to them. In contrast, the emotes in FF increase your fun while you play the game.

So, today we will discuss the top five emotes with the best use in Free fire unlocked by almost 99% percent of payers.

Top 5 most necessary emotes in Garena Free Fire.


Hello emote: It  is the most popular emote in the Free fire

The Hello is the most popular emote in the Free fire that you can use for greeting ‘Hello’ to your friends and audience. You can use this emote if you meet with a new player in the lobby. Nowadays, most YouTubers use Hello emotes for their audiences.

So, to unlock the hello emote, you need to spend 199 diamonds. Don’t think twice- it’s a compulsory emote you need to equip in the FF.


It is also known as clap emote in the Free fire. You can use applause emote if your friend got a big achievement in the battleground. Or, you can use it for self-motivation.

The emote is best for happy and appreciating situations. The cost of the applause emote 199 diamonds, and you can buy them from the store.


Top 5 most necessary emotes in Free Fire: Provoke emote

The ‘provoke emote’ is helpful to mock your opponent by saying shame on you when you knock them in the Free fire battleground.

The expression of the Provoke emotes is provocative that can make your enemy angry.

If you want to make your enemy down to prove yourself a pro and undefeatable, you can use ‘provoke emote’. Furthermore, you can use it when you defeat your opponent on the costume. And the cost of provoking emote is 399 diamonds.

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Lol emote

Do you know? Almost 99% of the Free fire player has unlocked LOL emote. It costs 399 diamonds.

LOL is the emote with the best expression that you can use in any situation. However, the best use of this emote is to show you are happy and laughing because of some reason. Also, you can call it a mocking emote that you can use to troll your enemy after you knock.

By using the LOL emote, you can tell others that you are a superior player to others.


Popular emote: Bhangra

The Bhangra is an attractive dancing emote that is a favorite of all Free fire players. You can use it during the celebration and other exciting situations.

Most players do the Bhangra if they get booyah, Knock the enemy, defeat the opponent in a costume room. And also, you can use the Bhangra emote in the lobby for fun.

The cost of the Bhangra emote is 399 diamonds.

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