The most popular emotes in Free fire that is best for their good looks.

The most popular emotes in Free fire that is best for their good looks.

Either you are happy, sad, excited or angry, the emotes helps you to express your feeling. There are many popular emotes in the Free fire that has a unique effect, appearance, style, and features- Dancing, Jumping, trolling, and many more.

And the FF players want to collect all those latest to oldest emotes to use them in different situations.

So, today, we will discuss the most good-looking emotes in Free fire that you should equip.

Top 10 popular emotes in Free fire that has good looking appearance.

FF WC throne

FF WC throne emote in Free fire

The FF WC throne is a Free fire emote with outstanding looks and style. This emote came on the Pro gamer’s wish event- players purchased it by using diamonds.


Selfie emote in Free fire

The selfie emote is the legendary emote in the Free fire. Few numbers players unlocked this super selfie emote for the Rank token.

Because of its unique way of taking selfies with the knocked enemy, it’s still a super hit emote.

Pirate Flag

Pirate Flag emote

After knocking the opponent, you can use a pirate flag emote to declare you are the victor. It came in the pirates top up event for the first time. Most of the players unlocked the pirate flags in that event, and it’s still a legendary emote.

Top Dj

Popular top Top Dj emote

The emote is best for the character DJ Alok in Free fire. Because of its awesome style and looks, about 60% of players have top DJ with 599 diamonds.

Eat my dust

Photo of Eat my dust emote in Free fire

It is the most popular emote that came in the Graffiti top-up event. The eat my dust is a much good-looking emote- players show off in the lobby to express their heroic attitude.


Photo of Booyah emote

The ‘booyah emotes’ become a super hit when it came to the ’emote party event’ in Free fire.

During that event, many players get it with the diamond top. Because of style and use, the booyah emote is still everyone’s favorite choice.

Tea time

Tea time emote

The emote came in the dual wheel event, and some players achieved tea time emote from the spin by using diamonds. Nowadays, it has become a rare item in the FF.

I am rich

I am rich emote

The ‘I am rich emote’ is a legendary emote in Free fire that was introduced in the legendary emote event. The appearance of this emote is awesome with a cool style.

The ‘I am rich’ emote shows you are a rich player who sleeps on the bed of money without worry.

Caption booyah

Caption booyah emote in Free fire

The dual wheel event brought ‘caption booyah emote’ for the first time, and most players get it by spinning using diamonds.

It is a emote with an attractive look, but nowadays, it is rare. The player uses the caption booyah emote if they get victory in the battleground.


Obliteration emote in free fire

The obliteration emote is the latest emote that came on the punch man collaboration event in FF. This new emote is good-looking, and it is popular among the Free fire players.

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