Marvel Snap Jeff the Baby Land Shark | Variants & Synergy Build

Marvel Snap Jeff the Baby Land Shark | Variants & Synergy

Jeff the Baby Land Shark is a Marvel Snap Card from Series 5 with a power of 3 for 2 costs. It has the special ability that you can move it once during the game after playing it. You can also play it or move it to any location, although cards don’t allow us to do so. Nothing can stop us! Jeff the Baby Land Shark provides the most value when it deals with locations, such as Morag, The Vault, Kyln, Plunder Castle, etc.

How to use Jeff the Baby Land Shark?

Jeff is such a unique card in the game which does not have any constraint to play or move it. In other words, it is like a Night-crawler. But in some sense, a better version of it. Jeff is good against cards that rely on location lockdown. If a storm floods or Professor X down a location, you can still play and move Jeff in Snap.

Even in a location like Sanctum Sanctorum, where you can not play cards at all, you can play him and have so much value. However, more often than not, you want to play Jeff along with Storm and Professor X in your deck. Use Storm and Professor X to lock down a location where your opponent has fewer cards and less power.

You should win such locations; however, if your opponent pulls out a Blue Marvel, Mister Fantastic, etc, you can surprise them with Jeff. Miles Morales is also a good card to pair him with. Locations that you lose barely by 1 or 2 power with already opponent’s all full 4 cards in them, you can use Jeff to shift the location’s winning to your side.

Jeff the Baby Land Shark Build Marvel Snap

Our cute little guy Jeff does not have a solid foundation to build a deck around. So instead, he acts as an assisting card to fit in with other decks such as Control Deck, Lockjaw Deck, Cerebro Deck, etc. Some of the cards that are popularly played with Jeff the Baby Land Shark are as follows:

On reveal, a storm floods the location. Then on the next turn and only then, cards can be played there. After that, cards cannot be played both for us and our opponent. However, Jeff can still be used in the flooded location.

Professor X
In case, the opponent plays a card on that location on turn 5 and wins by a couple of points, we have Jeff to play or move in.
Miles Morales marvel snap
Miles Morales
Miles Morales Spider-Man has the effect of only costing 1 for 5 power if a card moved the last turn. We want to pair it with moving Jeff to a location. But don’t use it without its effect, as it is quite garbage for a 4-cost card if played directly on a location.

The combo between Shan-chi and Jeff the Baby Land Shark can destroy the opponent’s card smoothly.
Polaris marvel snap
For 3 costs, Polaris moves an opposing 2 or 1 cost card to our location. Again, there is no strict relation but a popular card to pair Jeff with.

Nebula is a good card to play along with Storm and Professor X. She gains +2 power every time the opponent doesn’t play a card in the location except the turn she was played in. When the location is flooded or locked in, consider +2 power for her in the next turn.

Jeff the Baby Land Shark Variants

Here are the variants of Jeff the Baby Land Shark in Marvel Snap:

Base card
Marvel Snap Jeff the Baby Land Shark variant
Dan Hipp

Chibi Super Rare Pool

Super Rare Pool Variant