Nebula Marvel Snap Guide: Best Combinations & Variants

Nebula Marvel Snap Guide: Best Combinations & Variants

Nebula is a Marvel Snap Deck released only recently with a power of 1 for 1 energy. She has the Special effect, which states that for every turn our opponent doesn’t play a card in the location except the turn. When we played her, she get additional +2 power. Therefore, fans are desperate to unlock Nebula, as she can get massive if the enemy tries ignoring her.

How do we get Nebula Deck?

Unlike most other Snap decks, Nebula is only available through the Seasonal Pass or the Battle Pass. However, it is speculated that she will probably join Series 5 soon around June.

How to play Nebula?

Nebula is a solid card, as opponents have to decide which location to play against her, how many of their cards to play and much more. We ideally want to use Nebula as soon as possible to gain the maximum power each turn. Nebula thrives in locations such as Kyln, Morag, etc where cards can’t be played as freely.

Nebula naturally plays well with her storyline cards, such as Star-Lord, Gamora, etc. Because once you play her, your opponent will likely play cards at that location. So you can play such cards to gain the additional bonus effect of their abilities. Also, you can use Storm on turn 3 and keep Nebula in the location, which increases your power by at least 6 until turn 6.

You may also use Professor X to lock down locations along with her. Nebula is currently popular, so people may include Elektra, Killmonger, etc in their decks to counter Nebula. However, you can pair cards like Armor during turn 3 or 4 to protect Nebula in the game.

Nebula Synergy Cards

Below the table shows the best cards to play with Nebula in Marvel Snap:

Rocket Raccoon marvel snap
Rocket Raccoon
Rocket Raccoon is a pretty good card to combine with Nebula. Ideally, you want to play Nebula first, then rocket raccoon, so you gain the additional +2 power if your opponent plays a card there which they likely will.

When matched with Nebula, Strom will gain bonus power every turn.
Professor X Marvel Snap
Professor X
It’s a pretty good card for Nebula if you want to close down a location you are already winning around turn 5.

As Nebula is such a good Marvel card, your opponent will often try to destroy her through Elektra, Killmonger, etc. Here Armor will save Nebula with other cards on that location, providing a good +3 power.

Gamora provides 7 power for 5 energy, which is decent, but her true potential lies in her ability to get that extra +5 power if our opponent played a card there that turn. Make sure to time her if you use her on turn 5 or 6 on the location with Nebula.
Enchantress marvel snap
Enchantress is a popular Marvel Snap card that synergy with Nebula just because she is a solid card for 4 energy providing 6 power and disabling any ongoing ability in that location.

When your opponent plays a supermassive card such as Devil Dino or a Hulk against Nebula, destroy them using Shang-chi flipping the location’s winner.

It is a pretty good card if you know how to use him and synergize with Nebula.

Nebula Variants Marvel Snap

Base Card