Osatopia 2 Tier List & Best Characters

Osatopia 2 Tier List & Best Characters

Osatopia 2 is a role-playing RPG game. In this game, we have a lot of different characters with different unique sets of skills and many more, and depending on the skill, the character can perform differently. This article will make a Tier List of all Heroes/Characters in Osatopia 2 and help you to choose the best among them.

Osatopia 2 Characters Tier List

TiersAll Characters List
S TierEcaflip,
A TierCra,
B TierSadida,
C TierSacrier,

Top 5 Best Characters in Osatopia 2


Ecaflip has a passive skill that summons a Monster, which gives a 30% Critical base. So, whenever his monster lands a critical hit, they get 5 Critical damage, and you can stack it up to 10 times. This effect can be good for the early game. The skill name jammygit, when used on an ally monster, it gives 7% Critical and 1 AP and shield. When he uses it on his monster, it provides 12% crit, attack and a Stronger Shield. 


Lop passive skill increases his close-combat damage, which is Useful against enemies close to you. The Iop MP also increases if none of the enemies has targeted Iop, which otherwise will grant him a shield, and it is the best option for attacking and defense. In close combat, when he manages to deal damage, his damage increases, which stacks for 5 times. 


Cra is the best Damage dealer and a buffer hero in Osatopia 2. When she summons the monster, her passiveness makes the monster have a longer range and ranged damage. When the monster can deal damage to the enemies, it further increases their ranged damage. She has a skill called Retreat Arrow, which deals damage to enemies and pushes them back, which can be helpful against enemies who are good at close combat.


Osamados is a buffer and a positioner character. She can increase the range of the characters. She can also reduce the AP cost of the summoning Spells. In addition, Osamodas can enhance the 50% power to an ally monster and boost their AP, MP, and Size with her skill. If you use it against enemies, this can put debuff, such as removing their spell effect duration as well as reducing their size. She can also deal AoE damage to the enemies as well. Her ultimate can revie character as well due to which she is a great character to have. 


Masqueraider plays the role of a buffer and a damage dealer. He has a skill which increases his pushback damage. This character deals damage to enemies at the end of the turn, which makes them repel to 2 cells back and also reduces the damage incoming from the enemies. Masqueraider skill helps to increase the MP as well as Dodge rate. It can be effective as extra MP can help to deliver a stronger attack, and the dodge can be helpful to increase the survivability of the character in Osatopia 2.

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