Taimanin Tier List | Best Characters

Taimanin Tier List | Best Characters

Action Taimanin is an action role-playing game (ARPG) that combines elements of fast-paced combat and character progression. It is based on the Taimanin series, known for its mature themes and action-packed narratives. In this game, you take on the role of Taimanin, a skilled female ninja warriors, and engage in battles against various enemies and bosses. This article will make a tier list of all the characters/heroes/supports in Action Taimanin.

Tier List Action Taimanin

TiersAll Characters
s TierRika Ayasaki,
Murasaki Yatsu,
Shinjou Yuuna,
Harusaki Arika,
Tsushima Ibuki,
Nadeshiko Kagami
Maezono Momoko,
Fuuma Saika,
Hoshino Mitsuki,
Shirase Yuzuriha,
Mido Haruka,
Tsumugi Shirasaki,
Nanase Mai,
Sanada Homura,
Ibuki Chigasaki,
Shido Rinka,
A TierYuki Igawa,
Amamiya Shisui,
Fuuma Amane,
Tekkain Kaworu,
Yuri Hisui,
Fuuma Hiniki,
Onigumo Saburo,
Igawa Asagi,
Hiiraga Fuyumi,
Hanasaki Yozora,
Kamiki Suzune,
Shinohara Mari,
Igawa Sakura,
Ise Nodoka,
Emily Simmons
B TierFutaba Yui,
Shiina Sakurako,
Mizuno Aya,
Kiryu Kaoruko,
Natsu Basara,
Kamimura Maika,
Laetitia Bellmer,
Yukino Kagurazaka,
C TierMori Shizuka,
Amadare Natsume,
Suou Mikoto,
Todo Sayako,
Ginryu Mitsue

Top 12 Best Characters in Action Taimanin

Rika Ayasaki

Rika, who is in the top of the tier list, is a highly sought character in Taimanin thanks to her exceptional healing abilities. Her primary role revolves around maintaining the team’s health during intense battles. With potent healing skills and relatively short cooldowns, Rika ensures the team’s longevity, making her a vital choice for challenging encounters.

Murasaki Yatsu

Although known for her offensive power, Murasaki Yatsu shines in a support role due to her crowd-control abilities. Her unique skills enable her to stun and immobilize enemies effectively, acting as a defensive shield for the team. Players can often utilize her strategic control to dominate the battlefield, safeguarding their comrades from large enemy groups. 

Tsumugi Shirasaki

Tsumugi is a specialized support renowned for her healing and utility skills. Her healing abilities are instrumental in restoring the team’s health, making their combat effective. Moreover, Tsumugi often possesses utility skills, such as buffs or debuffs, further enhancing the team’s overall performance.


Hinata offers a versatile blend of support skills, encompassing healing and damage reduction. Her skill set significantly contributes to the team’s survival by replenishing health and mitigating incoming damage. This adaptability makes her a dependable choice for supporting the team’s resilience across various game modes. 

Yuki Igawa

Yuki Igawa stands as a multi-support character who can also unleash offensive firepower. While she doesn’t specialize in healing, her repertoire includes crowd control and area damage abilities. It makes her an excellent option if you are seeking support capabilities coupled with offensive contributions, making her effective in many situations.


Yozakura’s capabilities span healing and buffs, rendering her a well-rounded support character. Her healing power fulfils the team’s health requirements, while her buffs elevate their performance levels. Yozakura gathered recognition as a reliable choice for best support in Action Taimanin. 

Sakura Igawa

Despite her offensive reputation, Sakura boasts potential through her damage-dealing capabilities and crowd-control skills. Her high damage output aids in swiftly eliminating enemies, while her crowd-control abilities delay enemy movements and attacks, offering valuable help to the team. 

Aoi Igawa

Aoi Igawa’s skill set provides a blend of support and control. Her capacity to immobilize enemies and offer modest healing positions her as a versatile asset. While she may not excel in pure support roles, her adaptation proves advantageous in various scenarios.

Shizuku Kagurazaka

Shizuku is a versatile support known for her exceptional healing abilities. She specializes in swiftly healing the team’s health, making her a vital asset in sustaining the team during long and intense battles. Additionally, Shizuku may possess supplementary abilities, such as damage mitigation or cleansing negative status effects, augmenting her role as a supporting character.

Ibuki Chigasaki

Ibuki primarily shines due to her crowd-control property. She can immobilize enemies and create zones of control that slow down enemy movements. Her capabilities are valuable in battlefield management, protecting teammates from harm while ensuring advantages in battles.

Nadeshiko Kagami

Nadeshiko is another prominent hero in Action Taimanin who focuses on healing and providing utility to the team. Her healing skills are important and greatly enhance the team’s survivability. Furthermore, Nadeshiko may possess skills that boost offensive capabilities or grant protective barriers, enhancing her role as a versatile support character.

Yukino Kagurazaka

Yukino specializes in debuffing enemies and providing control over the battlefield. Her abilities can weaken and slow down enemy units, facilitating their management and making them susceptible to the team’s actions. Although she doesn’t provide direct healing, her crowd-control proves invaluable in offense. 

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