Undawn VS LifeAfter | Comparing Both Games

Undawn VS LifeAfter | Comparing Both Games

Undawn and LifeAfter are two open-world survival games created by Tencent Games and NetEase Games, set in a post-apocalyptic world. In these games, players must find resources, create weapons and armour, and fight zombies and hostile creatures to survive. Although they share many gameplay elements, they also have distinct features that make them different. This article will compare LifeAfter VS Undawn in detail to know which game offers the best survival experience. So, let us continue:


Undawn Mobile utilizes Unreal Engine 4, known for its realistic graphics, resulting in stunning visuals with detailed environments and characters. LifeAfter, powered by the Unity Engine, also boasts good graphics and provides a moodier and darker tone in some areas, whereas Undawn has a brighter and more vibrant tone.

Some players feel that Undawn’s colourful visuals reduce the post-apocalyptic feeling, while LifeAfter’s gloomy atmosphere enhances the sense of being in a world infested with zombies. Additionally, water visuals in LifeAfter are considered more realistic than somewhat less detailed water in another game.

Character customization

Undawn Mobile provides more character customization options compared to LifeAfter. Players can select from numerous hairstyles, facial features, and clothing to create their unique character. In contrast, Lifeafter offers fewer options for customization, but players can still make some changes to the appearance of their characters.

Pets choice

In LifeAfter, players can choose a dog companion right from the beginning, and there are at least three different breeds available for free – German Shepherd, Doberman, and Labrador Retriever. In contrast, Undawn has a pet system, but players can only unlock a pet later in the game. However, LifeAfter excels in having better graphics for pets VS Undawn offers the unique advantage of allowing players to choose from several breeds of cats or dogs. 

Creating armour and weapons

In LifeAfter, obtaining decent formulas that you can use to craft weapons can be challenging, especially since some of the best gear is only available through gacha (random chance). On the other hand, Undawn initially offers an Easier gear crafting experience- there is a very high rate of obtaining Basic items, a little low for common ones, and quite a rare chance for the best gear. However, in Undawn, crafting gear requires at least one ‘rare metal’ piece, and as you upgrade, different pieces are needed, with higher levels requiring more. Obtaining these rare metals is not simple, but they are available in the shop using real money.

Network issues/lag

Both games, LifeAfter VS Undawn, experience lag, especially in areas where many players gather. LifeAfter is famous for its lag issues. However, surprisingly, Undawn suffers from even worse lag; during traffic spikes, intermittent lag can be so severe that it might freeze players out of the game entirely. While both games are affected by lag, Undawn’s current state is more problematic. There is a possibility that the situation might improve as the game progresses into its first year and player numbers stabilize, but for now, lag remains a significant concern in this new game.

Gacha & Pay-to-Win/free-to-play status

Both Undawn and LifeAfter suffer from a significant gacha problem. There is a Gacha system for getting better gear and drones. LifeAfter used to be friendlier to free players, but now it requires a lot of grinding to keep up without spending money. Paying players have a clear advantage with better gear and formulas. Undawn, on the other hand, heavily favours paying players from the beginning, bombarding them with purchasable items and gacha. Getting the main in-game currency (silver) is tough if you’re not involved in camps or PvP. Also, finding teams may become challenging as the game gets older. It is a problem because many tasks need team or camp participation, limiting silver earnings. Both games are pay-to-win and lack good solo missions. LifeAfter has slightly better ways to earn in-game currency with assistant quests and weekend patrols. 

So, overall, it is challenging for all free players to compete on the same level. Both games are heavily influenced by pay-to-win elements, making it hard for entirely free-to-play players to compete on equal footing. Ultimately, the best game for you will depend on your personal preferences.