Best Settings in Undawn | Sensitivity, Graphic & More

Best Settings in Undawn | Sensitivity, Graphic & More

Undawn Mobile is a free-to-play survival RPG game. You will experience this game in a post-apocalyptic world, where players explore, scavenge for resources, and build shelters to survive. They must fight zombies and other players, dealing with hunger, thirst, and weather. The game offers both cooperative and competitive multiplayer modes. Players can craft weapons and tools to help them in their journey. You know, Undawn is a kind of shooting game, so the best Sensitivity, Graphics and other available settings customization plays a vital role in the gameplay, and this article is all about it.

Best Sensitivity Settings

Sensitivity in shooting games control how far your crosshair moves when you move your finger in the case of a phone. In combat, high sensitivity helps you aim and react faster, which is crucial in close fights. When exploring, high sensitivity lets you move around and find things quicker. But High setting can be harder to control, especially when using a scope. If it is too challenging, you can lower the sensitivity. The good sensitivity depends on how you play and the device you use. So, here are the best sensitivity settings in Undawn:

Automatic FireOFF
Peek SettingsOn
Peek ModeNormal
Peek & AimDown SightOff
Overall SensitivityCustom
Free Roaming Camera SensitivityLevel
Little Eye108%
Camera SensitivityLevel
No Scope87%
RedDot, Holographic, Iron Sights43%
2x Scope26%
3x Scope18%
4x Scope12%
6x Scope10%
Shooting SensitivityLevel
No Scope81%
RedDot, Holographic, Iron Sights41%
2x Scope25%
3x Scope18%
4x Scope13%
6x Scope9%
Gyroscope SensitivityLevel
No Scope300%
RedDot, Holographic, Iron Sights300%
2x Scope230%
3x Scope259%
4x Scope205%
6x Scope81%

The above settings might not be best for all players, but it worked best for me. Try this if you are interested. Some players don’t like the Gyroscope settings, so try turning it off if you prefer non-gyro. It is highly recommended that you try your comfort zone on your own.

Basic settings

This game offers some of the basic settings like showing the names of players in the game, privacy settings etc. These settings are not that important so you can change them by your preferences.

The basic settings in Undawn includes, Collapse Combat Screen, Auto Sprit, Auto Vault, Show Friendly Player Names, Show Your Name, Show Pet Name, Colapse Chat Screen, Mission Screen, Display Melee Button, Special Screen Shape UI adaptation, Character info, friendRequest, Team Invite, Camp Invite, Leaderboard Info, Roommate Info, Idle Camera, Standby Battery Saving, Fishing Vibration Feedback, Extra Consumables and Temperature Unit.

Best Graphics/Video settings

It is another important setting in the game. Whether you play the game in a high-end Device or a low-end, these settings in very useful. Keeping the graphics settings to the lowest is the best option for lower RAM phones. In lower graphics settings, your gameplay becomes smooth, and will benefit you.

But you can keep graphics settings too high if you have a high-end devic. Especially keep the FPS high, if it is supported by your device and your device has a good battery and processor. Higher the FPS more advantage you get. Also, turn on anti-aliasing if your device has got good battery backup. Here is the best Graphics settings in Undawn:

Settings TitleFor High EndFor Low End
Texture QualityHigh/UltraBattery Saving
Basic ModeAlways OnOFF
Frame RateHigh/Ultra/Ultra HighAverage/Low
Graphic StyleColorful/MovieClassic
Anti-AliasingOffAlways ON
High ResolutionOFFAlways On
Visual Players ScreenAverageHigh