Best Team Comps in Ever Legion You Must Build

Best Team Comps in Ever Legion You Must Build

In Ever Legion, making good team comps is a significant factor for winning the game. Team comps/composition is the combination of best heroes you use in battles. A good team has a balance of different roles: tanks protect the teamates with high health and defense, damage dealers deal damage with strong attacks, and support heroes buff the team, heal, or control enemies. Like this, You can create various team composition in Ever Legion, depending on your playstyle and available heroes and considering these things:

  1. Consider the hero’s role
  2. Consider the hero’s faction
  3. Consider the hero’s synergy
  4. Know your gameplay style 
  5. Consider the hero strength and weakness

3 Best Ever Legion Team Comps

No. 1

MalakithDMG Dealer
Esia & ArnothSupport

In this team comp, use Godfrey’s taunt skill to keep enemies focused on him, which will help keep your other heroes alive. Alexios will help you by blocking some attacks and attacking the weakest enemy. Similarly, use Malakith’s poison skill to reduce the enemy’s health. Use Esia & Arnoth’s healing and buffing skills to keep your team healthy and strong. Make enemies attack each other with Melusine and also heal allies.

No. 2

Oroth Tank
EdwardDamage dealer
Iya’thillDamage dealer

Oroth should be used to protect the team’s low-hp heroes. Edward can be used to focus on the enemy’s backline as he can deal a lot of damage from a distance. Iya’thill deals a lot of damage in AOE, so she should focus on the enemy front line. Finally, Ahasver and Seithmann both are good support in this team that can heal and boost teammates.

No. 3

Esia & ArnothDamage Dealer
AhasverDamage Dealer
Support: MelusineSupport


In Ever Legion, there isn’t one best team composition that works for everyone. The team building varies depending on your play style and the number of heroes you have. Above mentioned are some strong teams, but it’s essential to remember that each can be successful in different situations. It is good to have a variety of heroes with different abilities and roles to create a balanced team. Players should try different team combinations and explore by themselves to be better at the game.