Dawnlands Weapons Guide & Their Best Uses

Dawnlands Weapons Guide & Their Best Uses

You will find a variety of weapons in Dawnlands. They have their strengths and weaknesses. This article will explain all the weapon categories (Type), listing some of the best options you must craft in the game.


Dark Iron Spear

Spear deals a lot of DMG to enemies due to having higher stats. This weapon is two-handed; therefore, you cannot pair it with a shield, which makes you vulnerable to enemy attacks. You can use Spear in three ways. 

Firstly, you can use it to stab enemies as a normal attack. Secondly, you can do a charge attack where the character dashes in Infront and deals damage while consuming certain stamina. Finally, you can use it as a range weapon by throwing it away. 

However, the most effective way to use spears in Dawnlands is by throwing them, as it deals more damage, and you are away from the enemy, so you can’t take too much DMG. 


Dark Iron Bow

Bow is a ranged weapon which is effective in the open world. You always want to have a bow with you, as this weapon is easy to use, and you will need it for some puzzles and to get balloon chests in Dawnlands. 

You can use it while riding a horse, which makes the exploration comfortable. There are different types of arrows which you can craft and buy from the shop.

These are some of the best Arrow you can use in Dawnlands as they deal a lot of damage and are easy to use:

  1. Copper Arrow 
  2. Iron Arrow 
  3. Flaming Arrow 
  4. Explosive Arrow
  5. Poison Arrow 


Dark Iron Sword

Swords are one-handed weapons in Dawnlands that you can use with a shield. If you go into combat with it, you can defend yourself. You will find it comfortable with the Sword to fight with small enemies as they aren’t as efficient as spears or bows against bosses.

The Sword also has three types of attack; the first one is a normal attack.

The Charged attack is when the character dashes and deals a heavy attack. The combo attack is where the character deals 3 attacks at once to enemies. 

You can get different types of Swords by crafting or from the shop. Here are some of the best swords that you can use in Dawnlands:

  1. Copper Sword
  2. Bronze Sword 
  3. Dark Iron Sword 
  4. Mithril Sword 


Frost Great hammer Dawnlands

Hammers are the heavy and blunt weapon in Dawnlands, and you will find two types of Hammers in this game. They are One-Handed Hammer(great shield but low damage) and Two-Handed Hammer(more damage but no shield).

The hammer also has 3 types of attack patterns: 

  1. Firstly, the Normal attack is where the character swings the hammer three times. 
  2. Secondly, The Jump attack is where the character jumps and deals a heavy strike to the ground. 
  3. Finally, The spinning attack consumes stamina and damage all the enemies around the character. 

The hammer is necessary to fight against bosses like Edie, where you should destroy the stone. Hammer also comes into different types of categories like:

  1. Copper Hammer 
  2. Bronze Hammer
  3. Bronze Great Hammer 
  4. Frost Great Hammer
  5. Mithril Sledgehammer.