Dead Cells All Bosses List From First to Last

Dead Cells All Bosses List From First to Last

Dead Cells has a total of 12 Mains bosses, and each of them has a unique design and different types of attacks. Among all the boss enemies, some are Fairly easy to defeat, while others are hard and can be painful to fight with.

All the Bosses in Dead Cells

1) The Concierge 

The Concierge Boss

The Concierge is the first boss you will face in The Black Bridge. Since you will encounter him in the beginning, you will find it easy to combat him. The Concierge has many attacking patterns but has less HP than other bosses in this game.  

2) Conjunctivitis 

Conjunctivitis Boss

Conjunctivitis is the second boss you will face in the Insufferable Crypt. She has a lot of openings to attack and does not deal High damage with her attacks. You can defeat Conjunctivitis without much effort, as you will understand her attack patterns quickly.

3) Mama Tick 

You will find Mama Tick in the Nest, and she is the 3rd Boss mob in the game. She has 3 phases, and with each phase, she will use stronger attacks and start to deal more damage to the character, but her attack pattern remains the same. Only her attacks will be more frequent.

4) Death

Dead Cells Death Boss

Death is the fourth boss which you will encounter in the Defiled Necropolis. When you are going to the Master’s Keep, Death will use its chains and pull character to Defiled Necropolis. This boss is always floating in mid-air, which makes it a bit difficult to Kill, and it has 2 phases. With the change in the phase, the boss starts to use new attacks which deal extra damage to the character. 

5) The Timekeeper 

The Timekeeper is in fifth place, and you will encounter him in the Clock Room. He generally tries to keep his distance from the character, making it a bit tough to deal Damage to it. The Timekeeper’s attacks can make you vulnerable to Damage, which can be annoying and does a lot of long-ranged attacks, but with the right tactics, you can kill this boss in Dead Cells.

6) The Giant

You will find the Giant Boss in the Guardian’s Haven. He does not have a lot of openings, and you can destroy it when its eyes pop out. His eyes will pop out after you have depleted his fist HP. In addition, he has 3 phases, and with each phase, his damage is increased by a lot.

7) The Scarecrow

The Scarecrow

The Scarecrow is located in the Mausoleum. Among two phases, he doesn’t do much damage in the first one, but in the second phase, this boss starts to deal a lot of damage. Consecutively, its attacks become aggressive and hard to dodge, so you want to use a shield against this boss. 

8) The Hand of the King

Dead Cells the hand of the King

The Hand of the King is the last boss for the first run or the 0 Boss steam cell run in Dead Cells, and you will find him in the Throne Room. This boss will be protecting the King in the First run. After killing it, you can start a new run with 1 Boss Steam cell, which will make the enemies stronger and unlock new enemies, more room to explore and many more. 

9) The Queen 

You will find the Queen in The Crown. She has a lot of different attacks, and you can not dodge some of her attacks, so you will need to block her moves. She can be accessed using 1 or more Boss steam cells, and she tries to maintain distance for a long time.

10) The Servants

Dead Cells Servants boss

You will find the Servants in the Lighthouse. The Servant is one of the unique bosses in Dead Cells as he has three different types of forms, and each of them uses different types of attacks. You need to keep moving upward while fighting them, making them tough to defeat.

11) Dracula 

Dracula Dead Cell Boss

Dracula is a Difficult boss to kill, as You will have to defeat Dracula two times. You will find him in the Master’s Keep. After defeating him for once, he will change into his final form, where he will be invulnerable to attacks and does long-range attacks to dodge those attacks. All you can do is just dodge. 

12) The Collector 

Dead Cells The Collector Boss

The Collector is the final boss whom you will find in the Observatory. He is accessible in 5 Boss Steam Cells, which is the maximum difficulty of the game. Due to this, the Collector is one of the Hardest bosses among all in Dead Cells. He has a lot of phases and heals himself continuously while teleporting us to different locations, and without a better build, you cannot defeat him at all.