Dead Cells all Weapons Tier List | Ranking All Weapons

Dead Cells all Weapons Tier List | Ranking All Weapons

As you progress in Dead Cells, you will unlock different types of arsanels with unique attributes. Since the game has mass options of weapons, players find it hard to choose the best one. So, this article will make a tier list of all weapons in Dead Cells from each catagory to rank them from best to worst. The Different catagory in the game are:

  1. Melee
  2. Ranged
  3. Power
  4. Shield
  5. Deployable Traps
  6. Grenade

Dead Cells Melee weapon Tier List

The Melee Weapon is the Main weapon, as you must use it more frequently than others. You will be using this as your primary weapon during the entire run. So, here is the tier list of all the Melee Weapon in the game:

S-TierRapier, Meat Skewer, Nutcracker, Valmont’s Whip, Frantic Sword, Scythe Claw, Rhythm n’ Bouzouki, Snake Fangs, Hattori’s Katana, Pure Nail, Bladed Tonfas, Gold Digger, King Scepter, Alucard’s Sword, Death’s Scythe
A-TierBalanced Blade, Spite Sword, Assassin’s Dagger, Blood Sword, Boardsword, War Spear, Impaler, Torch, Ferryman’s Lantern, Hard Light Sword, Bone, Abyssal Trident, Dagger of Profit, Baseball Bat, Bible, Vampire Killer
B-TierShovel, Sadist’s Stiletto, Swift Sword, Seismic Strike, Shrapnel Axes, Symmetrical Lance, Spartan Sandals, Spiked Boots, Oiled Sword, Flawless, Vorpan, Flashing Fans, Iron Staff, Tombstone, Oven Axe, Wrecking Ball, Queen’s Rapier, Panchaku, Starfury,
C-TierTwin Dagger, Hayabusa Boots, Hayabusa Gauntlets, Wrenching Whip, Tentacle, Toothpick, Machete and Pistol, Maw of the Deep, Morning Star
D-TierGiantkiller, Flint, Cursed Sword, Crowbar, Hand Hook, Rusty sword

Dead Cells Ranged weapon Tier List

Ranged weapons are the secondary weapon. These weapons can attack from far away, and with the right build, these weapons can also be used as the main weapon. So, here is a Tier list of all the ranged weapons in Dead Cells from which you can understand the general concept of the best-ranged weapon for you:

S-TierMultiple-nocks Bow, Repeater Crossbow, Boomerang, Fire Blast, Cross, Medusa’s Head
A-TierSonic Carbine, Infantry Bow, Heavy Crossbow, Ice Crossbow, Explosive Crossbow, Alchemic Carbine, The Boy’s Axe, Nerves of Steel, Electric Whip, Ice Shards, Lightning Bolt, Magic Missiles, Killing Deck, Throwing Axe
B-TierQuick Bow, Ice Bow, Throwing Knife, Firebrands, Pyrotechnics, Frost Blast, Blowgun, Barrel Launcher, Gilded Yumi, Money Shooter, Magic Bow
C-TierBow and Endless Quiver, Marksman’s Bow, Hemorrhage, War Javelin, Hokuto’s Bow, Peril Glyphs
D-TierBeginner’s Bow

Dead Cells Power Tier List

Power support for the character, as each holds different attributes and the right synergy with your Main weapon. You can deal more damage to the enemies, so the power plays a vital role in any run. So, here is the tier list of Power in the game:

S-TierCorrupted Power, Ice Armor, Great Owl of War, Face Flask, Lightspeed, Grappling Hook, Catalyst
A-TierCollector’s Syringe, Taunt, Serenade, Wave of Denial, Lacerating Aura, Phaser, Foresight, Electrodynamics
B-TierGiant Whistle, Telluric Shock, Lightning Rods, Maria’s Cat, Cocoon, Scarecrow’s Sickles, Tornado, Death Orb
C-TierTonic, Mushroom Boi! , Leghugger, Rebound Stone, Bat Volley, Forgotten Map, Blueprint Extractor, Wings of the Crow, Smoke Bomb, Corrosive Cloud
D-TierPollo Power, Vampirism

Dead Cells Shield Tier List

You can not dodge all the attacks with jump and rolls, so in that time, Shield becomes a Useful item. Here is the tier list of all the Shields from best to worst:

S-TierPunishment, Thunder Shield
A-TierFront Line Shield, Bloodthirsty Shield, Greed Shield, Spiked Shield, Alucard’s Shield
B-TierCudgel, Knockback Shield, Force Shield
C-TierRampart, Assault Shield, Parry Shield
D-TierOld Wooden Shield

Dead Cells Deployable Trap Tier List

Deployable Traps are the types of Dead Cells weapons which you can lay down and deal passive damage to enemies. These traps also have passive attributes which can synergise well with the weapon’s passive. So, here is a tier list of all the traps from which you can choose the best one for your character:

S-TierTesla Coil, Flamethrower Turret
A-TierSinew Slicer, Heavy Turret, Barnacle, Cleaver, Wolf Trap, Crusher, Scavenged Bombard
B-TierDouble Crossb-o-matic, Explosive Decoy
C-TierEmergency Door, Night Light

Dead Cells Grenade Trap Tier List

Grenades are the skills in Dead Cells, which can provide an after-effect to enemies. These are generally good at early gameplay and can be good for dealing damage to enemies. So, here is a tier list of all the grenades from which you can choose the best one for your character:

S-TierPowerful Grenade, Fire Grenade
A-TierCluster Grenade, Magnetic Grenade, Oil Grenade
B-TierInfantry Grenade, Ice Grenade, Holy Water
C-TierStun Grenade, Root Grenade, Swarm, Hunter’s Grenade