Dead Cells Mutations Tier List | Top 10 Best Mutations

Dead Cells Mutations Tier List | Top 10 Best Mutations

This article will make a Tier List of all the Mutations in Dead Cells.

Mutation is the Key factor in Dead Cells, which can change the entire experience of the run. It is the second important factor that comes into play after the builds in the game. It functions differently, as you do not need to commit to a single type of mutation. Throughout the run, you need to have a single build, while you can change mutation in the transition areas, which can be reset.

Mutations Tier List in Dead Cells

S-TierEmergency Triage, Ammo, WishGastronomy, Extended HealingCombo, Tainted Flask, PorcupackParting Gift, Networking, Acrobati pack
A-TierDisengagement, Recovery, Velocity, AlienationFrost Bite, Berserker, Necromancy, ArmadillopackMelee, Killer Instinct, VengeanceCrow’s Foot, Ranger’s Gear, Point Blank
B-TierNo mercy, Dead Inside, AcceptanceKill Rhythm, What Doesn’t Kill MeScheme, Open Wounds, Initiative, PredatorSupport, Tranquility, Barbed Tips
C-TierYgdar Our Li Ox (YOLO), Masochist, Gold Plating, Get Rich Quick, Midas’ BloodSoldier Resistance, Blind Faith, Counterattack, Spite, Heart of IceAdrenalin, FrenzyRipper, Tactical Retreat, Hunter’s Instinct
  1. The players can understand the concept of mutation mechanics, which will help them further in the game.
  2. It can help the players increase their survivability and damage.
  3. You can combine mutations with their best synergy, which can further improve the run of the game.

Top 10 Best Mutations

1. Parting Gift

Parting Gift is the Strongest tactic mutation in Dead Cells, and it works best while running a ranged build. When you kill one enemy, it throws a bomb and starts a chain reaction, which kills all the nearby enemies, making it one of the best mutations for the biome runs.

2. Emergency Triage

Emergency Traiage is a colourless Mutation, which works well with any build. This mutation increases the speed of the HP restoration by a whopping 300% and protects the character from the enemy’s attacks for 2 sec. Overall, if you want to kill the end-game boss of Dead Cells, Emergency Triage Mutation can make your work easier.

3. Disengagement

This colourless mutation provides a shield for 5 seconds when the character’s HP drops below 20%. It will boost your confidence when fighting enemies, as the character is invulnerable with this mutation for a short period. It can heal you in the middle of a fight. 

4. Combo

The combo is the brutality mutation, which is generally a good pick since it massively boosts your damage in the biomes run. However, for the boss fights, I would not recommend you use the Combo.

5. Melee

Melee is the brutality aggressive mutation. It decreases the enemy’s attack speed, which can make the enemy slower, and you can stop the enemy from dealing damage. 

6. Crow’s Foot

It is a tactics mutation which inflicts damage to enemies, slowing them for 1.5 seconds. The tactics build consists of ranged weapons, but with Crow’s Foot, you can run a melee weapon, which gives a new experience in the run. This mutation is only best in the biome run and is not viable for boss fights. 

7. Frost Bite

To strengthen the survival build in Dead Cells, the Frost Bite is the Best mutation option. To use this mutation effectively, you want to have a slow-down effect in one of your weapons; when the enemies lose their speed, they die instantly. This mutation can kill smaller enemies, such as kamikaze bats, without even attacking, which will die when you get close to them. 

8. Gastronomy

Gastronomy is a survival mutation which will increase the food effect by 100%, and if you recycle the food, it will increase the damage by 300s. This mutation can be used as an offensive and defensive mutation because of its features. You can use it only in biome runs and is useless in boss fights. 

9. Scheme

The scheme increases the damage of the melee attack after using a skill; therefore, you want to use this mutation while using a skill with a small CD; For instance, a grappling hook or a Phaser. So, the Scheme is one of the Dead Cells mutations, which is good for both biome runs and boss fights. 

10. Berserker

It is one of the Useful defensive mutations as it decreases the damage taken from the enemy. In the 5 Boss cells run, without this mutation, you can die within 2-3 shots of enemies.