Ember | Farlight 84 | His Skills, Levels, Skins

Ember | Farlight 84 | His Skills, Abilities, Skins

Ember is a Defense male hero in Farlight 84, but you can also play him as support. Like other heroes, You can upgrade him to level 10. At each level, he gets more defensive strength, which makes him even more Useful for the squads. According to the game, he is an avid researcher and the best enhancers on the market today are the ones developed by him. In his eyes, all creatures are just materials for experiments. He never denied that he was crazy and that the development of his enhancer was never for the people. He was just crazy to prove that he was the only genius pharmacist who is still roaming in the world.

Ember’s Skills & Abilities

Ember skill 1
Vision Erosion
– He releases a dense fog which reduces the vision of all enemies in the area.
– If you are playing him, you must use this skill when your all teammates are around you or engaged in the battle. It will give you the best result.

Smoke Bomb
– He throws a smoke bomb
– The Combo of 1st and 2nd skill make help you to kill the whole squad if your teammates are sticky.

Eye of Truth
– His perfect sight makes him immune to vision disturbances from the smoke bomb.

Ember’s Levels

2Increases her damage by 8%
3Enhance HP limit
4Increases her damage by 8%
5Smoke Bombs gain a poison gas effect
6Increases her damage by 8%
7Further increases HP limit
8Increases her damage by 8%
9Tactical Skill CD is reduced
10Increases her damage by 8%


In Farlight 84, Ember has a total of 3 skins and here they are:

All SkinsHow to obtain
Ember skin farlight 84

You can obtain it from events

Obtained with 399 diamonds

Gold Finger
You can obtain it from events