How to tame Ocelot in Minecraft easily?

How to tame Ocelot in Minecraft easily?

What is an Ocelot?

Ocelots are a rare mob in Minecraft which spawn only in the jungle biome- They have a yellow-colored body, green eyes, and tail, and their body structure looks like a cat.
Moreover, they are fast and will run away very fast as soon as they see you near, but you can tame an ocelot in Minecraft to get some benefits.

How to tame Ocelot in Minecraft easily?

What are the benefits of having an ocelot in Minecraft?

Like a cat, an ocelot can scare creepers, so you can tame them to protect your base from these blasting mobs.

Also, you can walk with ocelots to prevent blowing up from creepers, and they kill chickens and baby turtles for you.

How to tame an ocelot in Minecraft

Ocelots spawn in a group of one or two in the jungle biome in Minecraft, so follow the steps to lure them.

Step 1

Find an ocelot but don’t approach it.
(Ocelots will run away if you get too close to them, only see them from a distance.)

ocelot in Minecraft
Step 2

Put a raw cod on your hand and slowly move towards it but don’t go towards it fast, or else it will run away.

Try to stay calm by crouching so that it slowly gains your trust and sneak behind it once you have the chance and feed it raw cod.

Taming ocelot in Minecraft

Boom, the ocelot is yours. Now you may not know if the ocelot is tamed or not because ocelots are not like dogs or cats that they will have a collar on their neck.

To be sure, feed them 10 fish, then stand up, and if the ocelot doesn’t run, it is tamed.

Passive mob ocelot

The fact about ocelots is; they are not domestic like cats and dogs, so they don’t sit down.

They won’t follow you even though you are their master. You will have to make it follow you with a lead.

ocelot mob in Minecraft

You must give them fish and raw meat to maintain good relation with them. Also, you can breed ocelots in Minecraft- Tame two ocelots feed them some fish for breeding.

Once you gain their trust, you can start taking them on adventures or make them protect your base. They will not attack you but help you.