Maggie | Farlight 84 | Skills, Levels, Skins

Maggie | Farlight 84 | Skills, Levels, Skins

Maggie, a Pizza delivery girl, is a female attack hero in Farlight 84, and you will unlock her after completing some initial activities. She is a good hero for two reasons; firstly, she can help you to kill more enemies, and secondly, you can survive longer on the battlefield. It is possible because of her extraordinary skills. You can upgrade her to level 10 like other heroes in the game, and each makes her a better hero. If your squad has the best support, you can get the best result by playing this hero.

Maggie’s Skill & Abilities

maggie skill 1
Aern Zoom
– She overloads her jetpack circuits, shortening flight cooldown.
– With the help of this ability you can confuse your enemies even when they are together with teammates.
– This will help you to escape the sweating situation or if you are good at aiming, you can farewell from the match.

Blast Delivery
– She throws a portable grenade that damages all enemies around the point of impact
– This will help you to deal more damage to your opponent while making you a good support hero.

Blast Delivery
– Her movement speed is increased for a short period after using a jetpack.
– Her 1st and 3rd makes the best combo to make her one of the most favourite female heroes in Farlight.

Maggie Level

All LevelsAbilites
2Increases her damage by 8%
3Enhances her Base Movement Speed
4Increases her damage by 8%
5When using the skill Blast Delivery, 3 portable grenades are thrown at once
6Increases her damage by 8%
7Further increases her base movement speed
8Increases her damage by 8%
9Tactical Skill CD is reduced
10Increases her damage by 8%


In Farlight 84, Maggie has a total of 7 skins excluding her default skin, Basic Delivery:

All SkinsHow to Get
Mission express skin of maggie
Mission Express
You can obtain it with the 1399 diamonds
shark delivery skin
Shark Delivery
You can obtain it with the 599 diamonds
shark special
Shark Special
You can obtain it from the event
cake skin of maggie
You can obtain it with the 599 diamonds

You can obtain it with the 599 diamonds
siren skin
Blue Siren
You can obtain it with the 399 diamonds