How to get more Clash royale Trade Tokens? Best Ways

How to get more Clash royale Trade Tokens? Best Ways

In clash royale, you can trade cards with clanmates or the trader, but to trade cards, one must have trade tokens.

There are four varieties of trade tokens; legendary token, epic token, rare token, and Common token. To trade cards, one must be level 8, but still, they can keep the trade token with them. Players can hold up to 10 trade tokens.

Way of using trade token in Clash Royale

With clanmates

To trade cards with a clanmate in clash royale, one must have at least one trade token, and the rarity of the token should be the same for both players.

For example, you can use a Common trade token to trade Common cards.

You can trade by tapping the trade button on the clan chat and selecting desired rarity and card to give and receive.

For players who have left a clan, there is a cooldown of 2.5 hours before they can start to trade again. If there is no trade for 36 hours, it will get canceled, and the token will be refunded.

With trader

You can also trade the card with the trader on the warpage in clash royale. The traders deal will reset every day, or you can use 10 gems to reset it.

Best ways of getting trade tokens in Clash Royale

1. Trophy road

You can obtain free trade tokens by climbing up the ladder and reaching new leagues in clash royale- On the trophy, we can get all rarity of tokens.

2. From challenges

You can also get the trade token by playing challenges and royale tournaments. So, never miss a challenge if you want a good amount of trade tokens fast in CR. You can play different challenges every week and royale tournaments every month.

3. From chests and shops

Another best way to get more Trade Tokens in Clash royale is chest- The odds of getting a legendary token are the lowest, and a Common token is easy to get. The number of outcomes also depends on the type of the chest.

Moreover, players can also buy the tokens from the shop. You can find trade tokens in the shop, which require gems or money. Also, you can also find a different bundle that contains trade tokens and other chests.

4. From pass royale

Trade token is also available as a free pass, but you can get more of them if you buy a premium pass royale that costs around $5 for a season. Therefore, I suggest you purchase pass royale.