Clash Royale Rarest Emotes Collection: Top 10

Clash Royale Rarest Emotes Collection: Top 10

In this article, I will list out the top 10 rarest emotes in clash royale that is unique and only unlocked by a few players in the game.

Emotes are used to express oneself during the battle or while spectating other players. Every emote play a short animation with a unique sound effect. There are two types of emotes in Clash royale: exclusive and regular emotes.

Exclusive Emotes have a legendary border around them that makes them distinct from common emotes. You can obtain Clash Royale exclusive Emotes for a certain period, but you can get Common Emotes or regular Emotes from the shop with 250 gems, and you can send them on the clan chat by tapping the corresponding button.

10 rarest Clash royale Emotes

1. Royal hog envelope emote

The Royal hog envelope emote is first on the list. It was available in the challenge of 2019 to celebrate the lunar new year. The Royal Hog Envelope is a rare Emote in clash royale because the player has to complete 3 phase challenge to obtain it.

2. Raschal girl cake emote

The game awarded this emote to those players who participated in the content creator tournament 2019. But, the Raschal Girl cake is a rare emote in CR because that tournament lasted for only 2 days, and only a few players unlocked it.

3. Bomber 2020 emote

The Bomber 2020 emote was available in the shop with a pack of chest and gold at about $10 Cash. The player who had cash at that time unlocked the Bomber 2020 emote. However, you know not every player like to spend real money in the game, so you will see few players using the Bomber 2020 emote in Clash royale.

4. Pekka emote

This Pekka emote was released in March of 2020 as a part of Clash Royale’s 4th birthday-it was obtained by playing in a YouTuber tournament. The Pekka Emote is one of the rare emotes in Clash royale because only those lucky players who participated in that tournament got it.

5. Healer emote

This emote was also obtained by playing in a YouTuber tournament in March of 2021. So, I think what makes it a little rare is that you had to join a tournament hosted by a Youtuber.

6. Santa Ice wizard and ice spirit emote:

The ice wizard and ice spirit Emote came into the shop in December 2018, costing $10 and 20$, respectively. Since these two emotes cost real money to unlock and are exclusive, they are rarest in clash royale.

7. Royale ghost gem emote

Clash Royale awarded Royale ghost gem emote to those who had earned legend trophies under the old league system. When the game came out, Players could earn legendary trophies by ending the season above the legendary arena.

The number of Trophies you got above the legendary arena got converted to the legend trophies. Clash royale removed the legend trophy system in 2017, so Royale Ghost Gem Emote is pretty rarest in the game.

8. Goblin CRL emote

The Goblin CRL emote was the prize you got after getting 20 wins in the CRL challenge in 2019. Getting 20 wins in this challenge was very tough because, after 15+ wins, the player had to go against CRL pros. So, those who were the pro of Clash royale obtained Goblin CRL Emote at that time.

9. King tournament emote

The King tournament is one of the rarest emotes in clash royale because this emote came to the top 100 players in the 2020 Global tournament. But, You know, high competition hinders the player from becoming a top 100 player.

10. Trophy goblin emote

This Emote came to those players who linked their youtube account to their Supercell ID and watched the CRL 2018 finals live from it. But, few players did such in that time, so they failed to get Trophy goblin Emote, and now it is rare and valuable.