Best Legendary cards in clash royale of all time

Best Legendary cards in clash royale of all time

There are currently 21 legendary cards in the game. Legendary is the rarest rarity of the card to obtain in the game, and it also takes more time to max it out. Here are the ten best legendary cards of all time that you must have in clash royale.

10 Best Clash Royale Legendary Cards

1. log

LOG: A Legendary card in Clash royale

The Log is the most versatile legendary card and the best Small spell in CR. The knockback ability of Log makes it a great play in the game. It can kill all the ground swarms in a shot.

2. E-wiz

E-Wiz card in Clash royale

E-wiz was one of the most hated cards back, but now it is a favorite among all because of its Stunning ability. It can reset the target and make them attack other units.

E-wiz is the hard counter for inferno dragon, Inferno tower, sparky, and fisherman. Ewiz is also good at defense due to their stun ability.

3. Lumberjack

Lumberjack card

Lumberjack is one of the strongest legendary cards in Clash royale due to its fast attack and movement speed. Also, it drops rage spell after death which makes it more OP. You can use Lumberjack both in defense and offense. Fast attack speed makes it melt the tanks, and one can counter push with it.

4. Princess

Princess card

For me– the princess is the most annoying card in the game because of her range and splash damage. She has low HP, but it gives her the advantage to bait down opponents’ Log. You can also use the Princess card on the bridge to chip down some damage.

5. Ram rider

Ram rider card

Ram rider is a perfect legendary card for defense and Counterattack due to its unique ability to stop the Opponent troops both ground and air in clash royale. Its ability’s effective against Balloon or Hog Rider.

It hits like a truck to the tower if it connects due to its charge ability. Like a hog rider, a ram rider can also jump over the bridge, which makes it easy to target the opponent’s building.

6. Fisherman

Fisherman card

The fisherman is a most effective card for defense, and to Mark opponents defensive buildings as he throws a hook that pulls enemy troops towards him, or if he’s targeting a building, he goes to it. The hooked troops will get slowed down.

This mechanism makes it a powerful card, and one can easily activate king tower using this legendary card in clash royale.

7. Magic archer

Magic Archer card

Magic Archer is a fun card to play due to its Cool ability to hit through troops in a line. The thing is that Magic Archer provides you so much value if you place it well, and it’s easy to punish opponents if they install tanks behind the tower.

8. Graveyard

Graveyard card

The graveyard is one of my favorite Clash royale legendary cards due to its high win rate, and Even after many nerf, it is still playable and Strong.

Mini tanks and tanks go well with the graveyard. Once the skeletons swarm the tower, it’s gone, for sure, unless the opponent places good counter troops.

9. Megaknight

Megaknight card

Megaknight is one the widely used legendary card in the mid ladder. It is a defensive card that provides a strong counterattack.

The splash knockback effect while spawning makes it OP, and because of high Hp and moderate damage, it can keep pressure on the opponent. It is also difficult is kill due to its charge and splash ability.

10. Mother witch

Mother Witch is one of the best legendary card in Clash royale

Motherwitch is a ranged troop that can convert each unit killed with her attacking mark to a Cursed Hog which will run towards the enemy’s tower or buildings. This unique mechanism makes this card widely used in this meta.

Firstly, Motherwitch was not strong enough, but after the buff, players often pick this legendary card in mid as well as a top ladder in clash royale. You can counter Not only the graveyard, but the Motherwitch card is also powerful against all swarm decks.