How to get to solo Mythical Glory in MLBB?

How to get to solo Mythical Glory in MLBB?

You can hit any rank, even mythical glory playing with your team, but playing solo and getting to the top is a big deal in MLBB. In this article, I will tell you some best ways by which you can reach Mythical glory in Mobile legends by playing solo.

Playing in a competitive environment is much more fun and interesting than playing an easy match. In mobile legends, there are many ranks- Starting from elite to grandmaster to epic to legend to mythic to finally mythical glory, and getting a win will increase your stars/points. Competing against other players is what makes ranked matches so fun.

Having a high rank is always a thing of pride to have. Most experienced players, while playing MLBB for years, want to reach this high rank but cannot, as it is hard, to be honest.

When I started playing ML, I had no friends who played it, and while playing solo, I reached the rank of mythical glory, which is very hard to obtain. So, I will share my experience with you of how I did so.

Tips to reach Mythical Glory while playing solo in MLBB

Choosing a good hero

Choosing a hero is crucial to winning in MLBB ranked games, especially in solo queue. Firstly you will need to play a hero that can carry the game. Your teammate might not be as experienced as you are, so you should pick a hero who can Carry the game.

Support heroes like Floryn, Anegla, Diggie, and Rafaela are not the heroes you want to pick because no matter how good, you will lose if you’re teammates are bad. So you must pick good heroes.

To increase your chances of winning, try to play the jungler. Also, while picking the hero, try to choose the counter for that hero; it will also increase the chance of your victory. As for me, I used to play mage and tank very well, so I got to solo mythical glory by mostly playing as a mage in MLBB.

The best Tanks to reach Mythical Glory as a solo in Mobile Legends are Tigreal, Gloo, Johnson, and Khufra. They are strong and durable and can also set up chainstuns except for Gloo. Gloo is here for his Amazing sturdiness during teamfights.

Best Tanks get to reach Mythical Glory in MLBB as solo

Similarly, the Best Mage to get to Mythical Glory is Vale, Cecilion, Kagura, Pharsa, and Luo Yi.

Furthermore, the Best Marksmen to hit Mythical Glory rank in MLBB are Clint, Irithel, Karrie, Melissa, and Wanwan.

For Mythical Glory, Jungler such as Roger, Karina, Lancelot, Gusion, and YSS are perfect heroes for jungle in Mobile legends.

But, Remember, just picking these heroes won’t guarantee you a win. There is no telling how your teammates will play. Just play the best on your part.

Gather Knowledge and gain experience

As you play the game, you will learn different things such as emblems, builds, spells, talents, items and their use, and many more. As you play the game, you must thoroughly understand what this does and is this ok or not.

You can also use Youtube to watch how to play that hero, or you can search on the web what this does or how to play well and all sorts of things. Also, You must be up to date with the meta.

As MLBB is an online game, many updates arrive regarding different changes, which you must learn in time. You will need to learn about each of the heroes and how they work so that you can either play the hero or know the skills. Also, you can see how other people play within the game. You can see how the opponents rotate, kill, ambush and learn from that. So you will need to devote time to learning about different things in MLBB if you want to get Mythical Glory quickly while playing solo.

Persistence is the key.

Nothing great is easy to achieve. If getting success was that easy, everyone would be successful. Similarly, if you don’t grind and have patience, you will not reach Mythical glory, as solo, forget. You will also have to play a lot of games.

Causal players who only play for some time, like once a week, will not be able to reach that rank. Whether you win the game or lose; depends on your luck and how experienced teammates you get. Sometimes, when you play good, but your teammates play bad. Sometimes, you’re just having a bad day and a losing streak.

For days like this, you just need to take a little break, for a while. Then you can join in the game again and start better. You can also take a break from ranked games for a while and play other modes, as well. But always stay on the grind and never give up; This is how you will succeed.