Best Build of Corki in Wild Rift: His Spell, Combo, Rune, Item

Best Build of Corki in Wild Rift: His Spell, Combo, Rune, Item

Corki is a mixed carry champion in Wild Rift that can work with both ability damage or attack damage build and deals tons of unexpected burst damage once he gets items. You can play Corki in either the mid or dragon lane.

This champion is hard to deal with due to his packages, which he gets during every objective fight. It is very annoying to deal with due to the insane amount of slowness and damage.

How to play Corki?

If you want to play corki in Wild Rift, I suggest you play him in the mid-lane as he has very good roam potential. During the lane phase of the game, make sure not to overextend and die to the enemy jungles-Gank. Corki has a bit weak early damage till he gets his items, so farm and try to get his items as soon as possible.

Since corki has a narrow attack range even though he is a ranged champion, he can easily get poked out of lane by the enemy laners, so be careful with that.

Corki also struggles with mana as all his abilities cost a lot of mana, so be use your ability wisely. Also, your package comes at 4 mins so pick it up so you can use it at dragon just in time and try and zone the enemy team away from each other and be a big problem during fights.

Once you get past the early stages, you can play as aggressively as corki has 2 dashes with his package. However, make sure to make full use of your ultimate too. He has 5 stacks of Ultimate with a range that you can use to poke the enemy champions.

During the late game, go straight for the enemy back line, burst them out with your amounts of damage and buy stasis so you can go in and stay safe if your team backs you up. Finally, I want to say, while playing Corki, be sure not to go in without any team support.

Guide: Wild Rift Corki Build

Best Spells of Corki

In Wild Rift, Flash and barrier are always the best spells to build Corki Powerful, as these two spells give you more security during the match.

Best Combo of Corki

If you have a package on corki, you use it during an objectives fight to zone the enemy away from each other. Then, again use your second skills to fly to safety while using all your abilities.

Since your package trail slows enemies who walk in it, it will be easier for you and your teammates to lane abilities.

Corki’s Weakness and Counters

As mentioned above, the major weakness of corki in Wild Rift is his weak early game and short-range, so you try to avoid mistakes in the early game or struggle to come back.

Also, with his mana problems, you have to be wise with his abilities at all times. Some champions that counter corki in Wild Rift are varus and ezeral.

Best Runes for Corki

Since corki has lots of damaging abilities, he can easily stack conquerer for more damage making his DPS very high. A brutal rune can help Corki to deal damage in the early game.

However, you can also pick Rune gathering storm if you want to drag the game to the late game. The best rune for corki by far as all the other runes has been nerfed, so going adaptive carapace is a no-brainer.

You can resolve the mana problem of Corki with the help of a mana flow band. Since this champion benefits from any other runes going mana flow band is always a must.

Best Item build for Corki

Corki Item in Wild Rift

Essences reaver is a perfect item for corki build, as it provides you with cooldown and refunds mana every time you use auto-attacks. It has the best Combination with Solari, and you can build Corki anything you want after that.

If your team lacks magic damage, you can use all magic damage after the first two items. I suggest you mix magic and physical items, so the enemy team can not build any defense against Corki in Wild Rift.

The skin of Corki in Wild Rift

The skin of Corki in Wild Rift