Lectern in Minecraft: How to make it and its uses in the game?

Lectern in Minecraft

Here, we will discuss how you can make a Lectern in Minecraft, also its uses in the game.

What are the uses of Lectern in Minecraft?

A lectern is a bookshelf covered between wooden slabs. It is a desk block in Minecraft that helps to keep books and quills for different purposes.

By using book and quill items, you can write a book in the game.

Most of the time, you may forget some event during gameplay, so you can write your gaming memory, experience, location, XYZ coordinates, and many more in the book and quills and hold it in the Lectern.

And if you play Minecraft in a single-player mode then, you can use the written book for yourself in the future.

But, if you play the game with multiplayer, your friends can read your book at once that you hold in the Lectern. Or you can read their books in Multiplayer mode.

Furthermore, you can use a Lectern to give a job to your villager in Minecraft.

 you can use a Lectern to give a job to your villager in Minecraft.

So, if your villager walks here and there without work, then you can make him a Liberian with the help of a Lectern.

How to make a Lectern in Minecraft?

To craft a Lectern requires Slabs and Bookshelf.

You need to have ‘4 wooden slabs and a bookshelf’. So, here are the steps:

(Step 1): Firstly, make ‘4 pieces of slabs’. For that, open your crafting table and put three planks in a row.

(Step 2): Secondly, make a bookshelf.

To craft a bookshelf, you need 3 books and 6 planks. Open your crafting table and feel the middleboxes with the book and remaining with planks.

(Step 3): Finally, open your crafting table and place slabs and bookshelf like in the picture to craft a lectern in Minecraft.

How to make a Lectern in Minecraft?

The Lectern is ready for use!

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